My tiny purse sewing project

My tiny purse sewing project

Been making these and donating to my church to sell at bazaars, etc. Made from old jean pockets. Harder to do now as I get vertigo when I look down for too long. Have to wear a cervical neck collar and push the machine way across the table to sew to keep my head level. Isn't it a real challenge to figure out new ways to do our hobbies?

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  • That is so cute Iona60 lm sure there are greatly appreciated. :)

  • You'd think! But, I was mortified to see that the older ladies that run the craft group were selling them for $5 at a craft show. Of course all sold out. Told them to sell for more $ or just give them away to people that can't afford them.

  • Great idea!

  • That's adorable! I would think young or teen girls would really love them. But $5? No way! Hope they bumped the price way up. Really cute. 💕

  • My daughter (age 22) has worn one out and is ready for another one. She and I made them as brides maid gifts for her wedding. Women use them to throw a cell phone, keys and money in for a quick trip. I use mine to cart from room to room as I listen to audio books on my phone.

  • Great ideas. Sounds like you'll be busy sewing your daughter a new one. 😊

  • Really neat idea!

  • You have a lot of patience and determination Iona, well done. I love your name too, blessings Jimeka

  • Thank you. I have a client named Jimeka.

  • Really, is it spelt the same.? Is she Dutch?

  • Jamika. No she's American.

  • That is darling! I love hearing from those who somehow find a way to be creative in spite of our limitations. Wonderful job! Our little church is hosting its first bazaar this coming weekend, so I've worked hard to make as much as I can for it. I'm sure glad I'm not the only one contributing!

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