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Family, and newbies (newly Diagnosed), if "YOU want ms info, most any ms info go to themsAA website, NmsS website, msWorld website your national ms website. NOT NOT google. Google will lie to "YOU", scare the living daylights out of "YOU and take your money for junk. Google etcetera is NOT NOT NOT your friend.Go to them for technical information based on big University research and nothing else Maybe in 10 years when "YOU" are calm and not so gullible, but now, NO stay away from them. It will do more harm to "YOU" than good.

Royce (your ms writer)

20+ years with ms

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FWIW, I just "acknowledged" my 26th year dx anniversary. Boy, am I lucky to have been dx so young (mid-twenties) back when Betaseron had just hit the US market and was dispensed via lottery.

Fast forward three years later, my follow-up MRI in 1997, showed substantial "silent" MS progression, and my neuro said "I was lucky three times" as most lesions hit silent areas and to start Avonex as soon as possible! Yikes!

But, fear is a great motivator! I've faithfully kept up with my weekly pokes of Avonex for 23 years now. Despite slow progression (mostly cognitive and fatigue issues), I am so "blessed/lucky" indeed.

We are all MightyStrong! :D

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RoyceNewton in reply to DM0329

exactly what we want slow progresiom. I was lucky enough to get early beta in Australia, turns out I react badly to interferon A. B liked me. Tecfidera really likes me.

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DM0329 in reply to RoyceNewton

Interesting about the interferons beta b or a differences. Do you feel like a real "old timer" some days, Royce, as the "seasoned MS Writer?" So glad Tecfidera really likes you (and no needles!). :D

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RoyceNewton in reply to DM0329

old timer ha, just been around the block a few times

I'm on tecfidera now. I was "poking" myself every wk for 11 yrs.

Stupid ME- I stopped talking avonex because I wanted to 👀 if I can go w/o it!

Wrong CHOICE!!! At the end of the day,( to make a long storie short- - TAKE YOUR DMT'S!!!



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Use your own brain and do your own research! google is nothing more than a lazy internet tool. Too many are unable to properly use the library these days, and that’s unfortunate. Keep Smiling :-D

True, I remember how to use tthe library, I rember them well

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carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to RoyceNewton


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