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Curiouser and curiouser

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It was a rabbit hole kind of day. Mid morning after I took a loaf of bread to a neighbor, and made a run to the dump, I decided to do a little mowing. In the shed an unwelcome visitor awaited me, so I threw him out using the crooked stick that I can use to snag a chicken's foot. Then I noticed the bulge. As the neighbors have no small children or pets, I decided it's either some hapless sitting duck, small possum or rabbit or a large egg...

Then I had the world's most unproductive phone consultation with my neurologist who began by saying that I might not remember her since I saw her only once, briefly (she let a resident do the exam without supervision). I do, unfortunately, remember her only too well. In the 15 minute consultation, she called me ma'am several times, said my lesions were in the brain stem and that since I have no true exacerbations I don't need a MRI and she'll see me in two years. I was polite but really wanted to respond - not if I see you first.

And this morning, my dear old dog peed twice on the kitchen floor. So it's obviously going to be one of those weeks.

12 Replies
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One wonders how something so big could be swallowed by something with such a small aperture . As regards Maggie, it’s better out than in 🤗

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That would have been a dead snake if I'd seen him. Not that I could have done it, myself. I hope the rest of the day improves dramatically.

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Wow I hope the day gets better for you.

That neuro you need drop her like a bad habit

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Oh goatgal I so really love reading your posts. You have a way of making me feel as if I was right along side you, experiencing what you are describing. Snakes do not bother me too much, however spiders are a different story! That bread must have smelled heavenly. And you reply, 'not if I see you first' describes perfectly your 'relationship' with you neuro! I am sorry to hear about you beloved dog's accidents. I have two cats and sometimes I judge how a day will be by the number of well processed food spots and their location (floor vs. carpet) that greet me after my slumber! Oh, joy. Keep Smiling :-D

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Sort of good news I guesss, I would still go see another neuro if you can, 2nd opinion and such, what type of snake if you know

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goatgal in reply to RoyceNewton

The snake is a common Black Rat Snake, aka Blacksnake. They are ubiquitous here, good climbers, very persistent, and will stand their ground when threatened, coiling, opening their mouths, and hissing. They are not venomous so this one tried to coil (the bulge was somewhat in the way) then struck at the dog when she came to see. She's agile and was able to leap back but I wouldn't want either of us to be bitten. They have a lot of sharp and nasty little teeth.

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RoyceNewton in reply to goatgal

yes, best you be Australia Black snakes are very venoumous, then again everything is. Glad that it did not have a go at you or your dog

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Yes it is snake season! We have a lot of cottonmouth and copperheads around here. I'm not afraid of them but my husband on the hand won't go any closer than 10 feet to a snake if possible. I know they are more afraid of me than I am of them so if I make a lot of noise before I come upon an area where they like to hide, they will take off in another direction. Sorry to hear about your dog. It's sad when they get old and can't control themselves. And then your neuro visit... I agree with Royce, you should get another opinion. Not all neurologists are up to date with MS.

Hang in there. When I have days/weeks like you've had I try to chalk it up to "An opportunity for growth." Growth meaning I didn't go off the deep end and end up in a depression and needing to have a pity party. :-)

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I go with the flow most days. This has been a wild week: we've had freeze and frost warnings, a fox vixen filled the night air with cries for a mate, bear cubs were frolicing in my neighbor's open field, a family of paper wasps got a good start on building a hive on my newspaper box (you suppose they can read?), and tomorrow my neighbors and I are heading to the Blue Ridge where they found a country store that still has flour, The black snakes began to visit the chicken coop last fall, startling me when I went in to gather eggs; they aren't active in the winter. but have paid several visits this spring. If Irish Spring soap ever appears again on my local store shelves, I'm going to put it around in the shed. I know mice don't like the odor, so maybe if the mice don't get into the shed, the snakes will be less likely to visit. Can you tell what an optimist I am????

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If it's nice out, I'd be sitting outside, just letting it all pass by.

Things might improve immediately, if not sooner. :)


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some days you are the bread and some days you are the toast!what a day! I hate hate hate snakes,very day my hubby came walking up the steps with a rat snake wrapped around his arm to show me how "beautiful and harmless" it was ,by the time he got to top step i informed him that i have a pistol,he needed to turn around and take it away and i am not a very good shot,unfortunea:)tly something is going to get shot,does he feel lucky?

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