pets day

pets day

My springer spaniel, Trixie!! She is the best dog/friend I ever had (neck and neck with my husband). I've had her since she was 6 months old, now she is 10 years. Talk about a wagging tail, hers is like a motor ready to take off. Very smart as well. I only have to show her once how to do something and she's got it. My husband likes to take off his socks and put them on the living room floor, drove me crazy for years. I taught Trixie to pick up the socks and put them in the washer (I refused to, lol). Then I had to have gamma radiation, I couldn't put my head down afterwards for awhile, so I taught her to take off my socks, put them in the washer, and then bring me my slippers.

I always have to be where she can see, whether inside or out, otherwise she will come looking for me like a crazy dog. I'll find a way to put a picture of her on here.

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  • Sulton, Trixie is so cute. :)

  • Thank you, I find myself looking at her quite frequently because out of all of the springers I have had, she has the most soulful face.

  • Sulton Trixie is beautiful!

  • Thank you!

  • Such a sweet face, and those eyes!

  • I know, right!

  • Sulton what a cute puppy and cool picture, how did you get it like that?

  • I used a vignette, blurred some of the background and brightened her up.

  • Hi Sultan, you can see the intelligence in her face and eyes. Beautiful dog, woman's best friend. Blessings Jimeka

  • Thank You! Last year, I hosted a baby shower for my daughter. When it was over, we were playing volley balloon. Trixie was sitting there watching us, then just jumped in and started playing. Now, she plays by herself. It's amazing.

  • Sulton You are so lucky to have Trixie! Congratulations, all by yourself, you have trained her to be your service dog. She's beautiful and so smart.

    I am very heat intolerant, and one day I realized that I had trained our beloved Riley to only sniff or pee in the shady spots, as we went on our daily walks.

    We should get a list going of what things we need MS service dogs to do for us.

  • sulton What a lovely photo of Trixie! And, though she is obviously intelligent and bonded with you, what a talent you have, to teach her so well.

  • she is very obedient especially with hand signals.

  • I can see why you love Trixie so much. What a great companion she is.

  • she is and great cuddler.

  • That's one smart and sweet dog!

  • What an amazing and gorgeous dog. You are so blessed.

  • What a wonderful companion! I know how much our dogs mean to me, so I really understand that bond.

  • What a beautiful and smart dog! You are very blessed.

  • Cute . She has those alert, observant eyes

  • Sulton- Adorable -- thanks for sharing! -Kaitlyn, MSAA

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