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Am I fatigued or just lazy?


I am so tired of being tired. There's so many things that I want to get done, but dont have the energy. I wonder sometimes, if since my MS diagnosis 5 years ago, I just got really lazy due to having no energy.

Does anyone else wonder this?

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Sometimes I have to push myself to do some of the smallest things but once I do them I’m glad I pushed myself. Just be safe in whatever you do.

It’s a daily push for me if I didn’t do something because of fatigue and feeling bad nothing would get ✅. I have changed the way I do things thru 25 years of ms and that is to do something every day so it doesn’t get overwhelming and cause me stress. Take care gets better when you adjust to the disease and not let it control your life👍🙏😉 Ken 🐾🐾

The fatigue has always been the hardest MS symptom to deal with! I'm sure I'm not alone! I have some friends with MS that feel the same. It's NOT LAZINESS if you don't have the energy to do anything! It's quite an adjustment to make! Most people want to be able to function normaly and do everything that you want to do or used to do. BUT, things have changed! If you push yourself too hard and are unreasonable with whart you can do, you won't be able to function at all! Do what you can do, without extending yourself beyond your ability! I know, it's easier said than done! If you push yourself too hard, you won't be able to do anything very well; And, you'll probably be so overwhelmed that you won't be any use to yourself or others! Your loved ones probably want to help youhowever they can, but they can't read your mind. Tell your family what you can and what you CAN NOT do. WORK OUT A PLAN WITH YOUR FAMILY, as far as who will do what. If you all work together, everything can get done! If you don't take care of yourself, you probably won't be able to take care of anyone else!

You’re not lazy, you have ms and don’t ever let anyone say you are. 🤗

You're not lazy. I hate the bone crushing fatigue. I pushed myself to hard on Friday and Saturday end result I slept almost the entire day today. My husband woke me up at 9pm to make me eat something. My eyes still burn like I've been awake since Thursday. Don't let anyone...even you...tell you you're lazy. You have to learn to pace yourself to work with the energy you have.

Wizardsmom in reply to Peruzzot

Thank you. I dont wish for others to have fatigue but it helps me to know that I'm not the only one.

Hi, yes I often doubt myself too, but as long as I concentrate on the little jobs that constantly need to be done, I feel good for having done them, however minor. Some days I really can't do much so I have learned to try to be kind to myself. I find it much more difficult to cope this time of year when hayfever strikes and I could sleep the clock round if I allowed myself. It is very difficult to find that balance and still make mistakes quite often thinking I will have the energy to do things especially if I have managed to exercise well - those endorphins have a lot to answer for! If you have fatigue quite badly then please let yourself off the hook, be kind to yourself and allow yourself to have off days, getting annoyed with ourselves isn't going to help in any case. Take good care of yourself and try to accept how you are, no matter how much you want to be rid of these symptoms. I wish you all the best! ☺

I don't think there is any shame in being a little lazy. I have to admit I was a little bit lazy before MS and use it as an excuse to continue to be a little bit more lazy now. I should exercise but say I am too tired but know I could do it for 10-15 minutes before sitting to watch TV. I have never cared about a spotless house so just keep up with the needed sanitation 😁 I will sometimes do extra stuff too. It also is a way to get my husband to do his fair share around the house 😁😁

If it is a matter of fatigue rather than laziness you will know. You have to pace yourself and rest often when doing things. There is nothing wrong with letting others help and not doing everything!!

I know the time will come when I can do less and less so I do try to keep doing more now to make up for it. Not sure how long it will last though.

If there is one positive thing I can say about fatigue,I can sit down and doze off in 3 minutes!I do miss making my own decisions and plans,my body tells me what I can and can't do.all of it is an adjustment,that doesn't stop me from being angry that I can't do it all,I keep trying to.Once I accomplish anything in my plan,that is success!

I have had significant issues of late with being tired, such as working 8 hours, getting home and sleeping 2 hours after dragging myself through the day. My MS neuro prescribed a medication that is normally used to treat Narcolepsy, it really helped. I am NOT a Doctor and perhaps speaking with your Neurologist, they'll be able to help you.

Yes, the med works but I will not give out the name, since I'm no Doc.

I used to rank fatigue as my worst symptom. I've made it my #1 to fight for years now. But there are still many days that I feel like movement is hampered by all the heavy syrup I have to push myself through to move. Simply reaching for something at times is a real effort. That remote on the other side of the bed...If, I focus really, really hard, maybe I can move it closer with my mind? Too hard to simply reach for it? The worst is, I've got to get to the bathroom before my bladder bursts, but,... I don't have the energy to get there!?, 10 steps away?

My fatigue has gotten much better thank God. But, it was a real battle. Items that helped? I got so bad I was essentially comatose. Watching TV became too hard. I started juicing fruits & veggies to keep from falling into that heavy fog. Over time, I focused more and more on healthy eating. Then, little by little on excercise. I started with walking this side of the block. Cane to help move me. A bit more every day. It was really hard at first. Physical movement was hard. Falling regularly didn't help. But, aI just kept pushing a bit more, everyday.

I'd walk everyday. Counting steps originally using a old fashioned pedometer, now I use a tracker, that not only counts steps, records them daily...

I used to have to push myself along the sidewalk using my cane. Okay, my right leg was kind of like dead meat, not really helpful. Then over time, little by little over years the cane became not really needed for moving forward, but simply for balance so I spent less effort with falls. I got really good at falls! Simply got right up, brushed myself off, and continued. Now I hum along doing my 10K steps/day! Okay, young and old athletic walkers fly right by me, but, like the turtle, I keep moving! Remember, a body in motion stays in motion! It took me years to get moving. But you need to try to accomplish something, anything, ALWAYS! Always pushing for just a bit more. I did the mailbox. Then this side of the street x houses worth. Then a few more.

Yes, I tire much much sooner than a person should. But, like any athlete you have to train. Athlete? Ha! I'm talking walking!? No matter how weakened you are, if you keep on pushing, you will eventually get stronger.

If you excercise, you can then move on to other tasks. And all those things you used to do with ease, you can try attacking them one by one. You just have to train!

When did life's little things become an Olympic event? ? ?

I’m not lazy. It’s very annoying to spend 3hrs doing a 30min job, but it’s not laziness.

When I was dx 24 years ago, besides suddenly going blind in one eye, the most frightening thing for me was suddenly becoming so tired I couldn't lift my hand off my keyboard. I didn't tell anybody about that, not even my neurologist. I figured they'd just say I was lazy. That I using my newly dx disease as an excuse to not do anything. It wasn't until I went to a talk my neurologist was doing and heard him explain the thing going on inside an MS patient's brain. I had to thank him for that talk when I went to see him for my 6 month visit. I said, "for once someone made me understand what I expierienced was REAL!"

MS fatigue is are not lazy! Some days are harder than others. Your body will tell you how much you can do. I push myself as much as I can but every now and then I take a day or two to recharge my body.

Yep. For me it was easy to become lazy. I now try to do one thing a day off of my list so that fatigue won't play a role. I try to break down a single task into small parts to avoid fatigue.

You are not lazy at all. This is so me when I was diagnosed with Scleroderma too. I can't hardly move. Can't turn to open a door knob but not now. My daily activities in home back on track because I have with me my Serrazyme Ultra. It gives me more energy and helps with my fatigue too.

Some days I am so very tired. If I can motivate myself to get moving then if I start gently moving I can actually keep moving better. So I pick and choose my days and what I'm going to do so I don't overtax myself.

I used to push myself then I got wise. I realized my body was telling me you reached your limit . If I didn't listen to by body I would end up regretting it

Oh, so good to know I'm Not alone.. I'm still adjusting from multi tasking, to thinking of what is the most important thing I need to do today. Its been 5 months since my diagnosis. I am still trying to multi task on most days, but pain/fatigue is a motivating factor that causes me to limit myself with daily activities. I take my time and do what I can. Yes it bothers me that I can't do more, but I'm praying for acceptance daily. I t really helps me to know I'm not alone with my disease. I am so glad we have each other❤💙❤💙

The first year requires a lot of adjustment. I wish you luck and I'm glad we have each other too!

Oh, yeah! It is quite common for various reasons i. e. Lack of sleep. You’re NOT lazy & no need to apologize for yourself.

I think we all go thru that. I would love to do more in a day but sometimes I cannot get off the couch. I go for a walk ad come home and collapse . It is very frustrating. Just know you are not alone. good Luck!

I will often know I COULD do something - I can sense I have enough muscle strength and caloric energy to do it; but that would mean “blowing it all” on one activity. I’m not going to explain “the spoon theory” to every person every time... I’m simply going to say, “Sorry, I don’t have the energy.”

Strictly speaking, is that laziness? Maybe. I am “lying” about my energy level now - to save some for later.

I will say that if your “laziness” means “deciding to take it easy and NOT do something right now, to save the energy you currently have, rather than use it now and regret it later” - then NO it is NOT laziness! I say, that’s called “energy budgeting”!

Wizardsmom in reply to HensTooth

Thank you, you explained it well.

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