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New neuro I saw


As some of you may remember I saw a new neuro on Feb. 26. It was NOT a good experience. I went in having a very typical bad day, using a walker, hunched over, shuffling along. I failed badly the basic neuro tests, touching my finger to my nose, trying to stand on one leg, heel toe walking, etc. He ordered a full spine, neck and brain mri. Said he did not know if I even had ms due to the fact he cannot get my original diagnosis because that practice was sold to a scoundrel who absconded with all the investors money, went to Brazil, leaving patients with no records. Have tried judges orders, nothing, it is locked tight. This was 3-4 years ago. The authorities caught him and he rots in prison. This neuro had no bedside manner! He was an a**. He told me to push against his pressure on my legs and arms and I had enough and said, “sir, I simply cannot”. He wants to send me to KU in Kansas City for a new lumbar puncture! Absolutely not. I had such a definitive diagnosis, as well as the records of the second neuro I saw after my diagnosis. It shows clearly all the different ms meds I have had over the last 20 years. What a jerk.

Just venting. One thing I have learned is no one can be my advocate except me! Love and a safety to all, Kelly

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As many of us have discovered, the practice of neurology lies along a typical bell curve. Most of us are happy to find an average neurologist. Others of us have discovered, as you and I have, neurologists unworthy of the name. Some of us find neurologists who are standouts in every positive dimension. I'm sorry to hear that you have found another dud.

rjoneslaw in reply to goatgal

I agree with goatgal 100%.

vent as much as you like

Sorry you have had to go through all this. You have my prayers and I hope that you find away to get what you need.


Isn't that a shame? After all you've been through already! I'll pray you can find a neurologist with a much better bedside manner and one who is willing to listen to you.

WOW. Holy crap

I am hoping that you will find a neurologist that will be better than that, and sooner, rather than later, Amore55 Have you asked your PCP to assist you in your search? That’s what I did many years ago, and I am happy to say that I am still with the neurologist that she had recommended. Keep Smiling :-D

I'm sorry that you have had to go through this. I hope that you can find a much better one. I know it seems like there are none around. Vent all you need to!


Yikes!! I can’t imagine this and I’m so sorry you went through all that 😵

Did he at least give you the results of your MRI’s? 🤗

Amore55 in reply to jimeka

All he could give me was the comparison to a brain mri I had in 2017. It showed no change, but that leaves me with no info on my neck and spine!

jimeka in reply to Amore55

Neither professional nor helpful 🤗

Ugh. Hope you get this worked out or find a neuro with a better bedside manner.

again,patient heal thyself,so sorry you have to go through this,maybe he has enough patients,and doesn't want to deal with one more ms???how strong don't throw in the could be insurance too that requires he to have those results on hand.good luck

Sorry you have to go through the hoops again. That guy sounds like a quack too. Hope you find one that actually cares about his/her patients.

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