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The darkness of weather and how it affects my energy level

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It has been a very gray and gloomy winter rarely do we receive more than two days in a row of sunshine and on those days of sunshine I find myself more energetic! Do other people experience this?

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I think the weather can have a profound effect on not only our physical body, but on our mind and emotions. Enjoy every little bit of that sunshine! The contrast of those gray days makes the sunny times even more lovely.

I can’t really say if the dark weather has an affect on me. But I can say weather when it’s cold my body locks up like a steal pole. When it’s hot I become dizzy

As anyone with Seasonal Affective Disorder can attest, light levels do affect mood, and prolonged gray days lead to depression. Some people use special lamps to provide light therapy and lift depression.

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I just close my blinds and nail them shut. Lol. I’m kidding. I have the darkening ones and that way I don’t see how ugly it’s gotten outside because I have SAD too. It never fails to greet me every winter and starts out really bad. But as the winter starts to fade so does it. I’ve never tried the lamps. I wonder if they would help with my migraines too.

I'm the same way. I'm way more energetic and just plain happy when the sun is shining. So far this year we've had 20" of rain. That's almost half of our yearly total. Rain, fog and just plain nasty. This is definitely not our normal winter. I keep hanging in there for spring.

For me cloudy and dark weather makes me more aware of my MS because I'm stiff and sore all day. The cold really locks me up with bad spasms.. I am alot better on a sunny day, however, no matter what day it is, I'm always tired.

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It also happens with me with the heat and if you add humidity into the factor I turn into Frosty the Snowman locked in the greenhouse and I just melt. My DNA makeup Hazard that if I stay in the sun more than 2 hours without skin protection I automatically sunburn I can never hold onto a suntan

I am 100% with you on this, you're not alone. This winter, I feel like I've been hibernating since November. I've not been very active on the forum.

Every day with sunshine is a good day. Every day with dark sky is a battle with myself to get moving.

now I know what's wrong!I have been going crazyit has rained so much!

Oh, yes. S.A.D. I unfortunately know it well. The month of January here we had ZERO days of sunshine! It was well into February until we saw it. Ugg....

Yes! But cold is horrid and I only experienced this joy once I moved to Palm Springs this November; Summer should be fun?! At least there is sunshine..

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