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Christmas Joy...or not

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For those of us with MS, or for anyone with chronic illnesses, with depression or anxiety, this time of year can be really hard. I think feelings of loneliness, grief, pain, separation, and anxiety can be enhanced when it seems the rest of the world is celebrating. Part of that may be sadness that we can't physically or emotionally participate in all that others seem to be participating in. Part of it may be comparing our situation to the "perfect" Facebook-like lives of others. Some of us may be in constant pain. Some may feel a sense of the holidays being little more than a burden with to-do lists that we simply don't have the energy to fulfill. Many of us are stretched financially.

I hope that everyone who feels that way will feel free to share that here with people who understand. I also hope that no one leaves depression or anxiety untreated. There are people who want to help us if we will give them the opportunity. So please ask for help. Each of us is precious and valuable.

There is the national suicide hotline, which is available 24 hours a day:


I know there are some brilliant, compassionate people here who will share some ways they have of dealing with the temporary blues. If you have learned some ways you find helpful, please share them here.

I'll start with one thing which works for me. Doing something for someone else is an enormous lifter of my mood. It doesn't have to be anything big, but just something that gets my focus off of myself and my current mood.

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Thank you for sharing that xo

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greaterexp in reply to luvhair

How are doing? I know it’s been tough lately.

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Hi not just keeps comn im prayin an old filling feel out couple years ago..went to a bad dentist tht didnt xray it..well yesterday it fell out again she wouldnt see me within an hour i was so sick pain n weird dranage..find a dentist tht takes Medicare he stayed after hours and did xray this whole time the nerves have been infected he put tepoary stuff on it n root canal is Friday..makes me wonder these few past years if tht infection has been the whole to ms dr and its im praying thts been whts really been doing me in ..thank you

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bxrmom in reply to luvhair

Teeth can really do us (or anyone) in and make them sick if not taken care of. I went to a new dentist earlier this week and found out I have an infection in a tooth, a cracked tooth, and some root canals that may need to be rodone :( I really liked this new dentist office and the dentist I saw. So happy I finally made the decision to go in and start get this taken care of.

Gentle hugs to you luvhair


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Yes i.agree..get the root canal done today scared this new dentist im see img is surr awesome

Wise words, dear ambassador, spoken like the diplomat you are. Thank you. It is easy to withdraw into grief this time of year: the weather keeps many indoors, the clouds may hide the sun, the days seem shorter, and many of us tend to focus on our limitations and burdens. When I find my moods darkening, what helps me is to focus my energy outside, on others. Year's end has become my time to thank all those who have helped me all year long: the mailman, the newspaper deliverer, the neighbor who cut my grass last summer, the friend who shared tomatoes from her garden, the new friend who ran for school board. When I think of all those good people who grace my life in ways small and large, I forget about myself.

Thank you for the reminder! My normal way of dealing with the blues is to do something for others as well. I planned to make Christmas cookies for my coworkers but just didn't have the energy. I am hoping to be able to make New Year's cookies instead 😁

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Cookies at any time of the year are a terrific gift!

Beautiful post. Thank you, and merry Christmas!

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greaterexp in reply to IFwczs

Thank you! The merriest of Christmases to you and yours!

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Great post greaterexp !!!

I do get sad this time of year. It makes me think of my grandma. So I put up my Angel, and talk to her! I remember all the Great Times I had with her. All the happy memories 💕 all the love! And try to pass it on to others! 🤗💕🎄

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greaterexp in reply to Jesmcd2

That's a wonderful way to honor her!

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A very encouraging post, greaterexp Thank you :-D

Love this post,’s a vitally important are so blessed with your way of words...I was feeling frustrated the other day...just focusing too much on missing my running, I decided to clean out my closets... I then took a ride over to the Salvation Army to donate all my professional clothing that I won’t be using anymore🤷🏼‍♀️ ...I was happy to see that all proceeds go to the local shelter for women of domestic violence with children...I found another donation center that contributes all profits to abused children. So very sad, but thankful there are ways to help out. Whenever I feel down or too tired...I get up and do whatever I can to busy myself...the fatigue usually passes and it lifts my mood...especially when I play some cheerful music...above all...I say a prayer and ask God to lift my spirit today! God bless you friend! 😊❤️

Mourning lost abilities can hit us hard. You’ve found a beautiful way to cope by helping others. I suspect you are always generous, but I’m so glad you shared how therapeutic it is to help someone else. It seems like such a paradox to many people, but when put in action, giving is an incredible blessing.

Yes it is...brings a special feeling inside... just signed up for the that CalfeeChick posted about the other day...good to know! I didn’t know MSAA has its corporate in NJ?! So, looks like that was the only logical one to select?...I hope that’s correct...😊🌻

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