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Post Christmas Struggles


Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone else isn’t feeling well after the stress, unhealthy eating, lack of sleep, travel, and family craziness of the holidays. I am really struggling today and it has me scared and frustrated. Thankfully my little one loves me and wants to be with me no matter what state I’m in 💙 #stayathomemomstruggles #thereisnocallingoff

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Andryea With all the Holiday stress that many of us have felt over the past month or so, I am not surprised that more of us haven't felt what you are now trying to express. Hopefully, you are now able to relax today. However, if you are concerned, please make your doctor aware of this. I am enjoying the quiet of the day today. :-D


MS sure changes the way we look at things. Before MS, I got a little stressed by overdoing everything for Christmas and Thanksgiving, but that was of my own doing. But I basically loved it all. I couldn't bake one pie; I had to make six. I couldn't decorate the downstairs, but had to decorate the whole house.

Now even the thought of even a part of that makes me feel tired and overwhelmed. I cut way back this year, but still feel tired from the small efforts I made. I'd like to say that I will cut back even more next year, but know that as long as I'm able physically, I'll try to do more than I probably should because everyone in my family seems to enjoy it so, and I enjoy them enjoying it.

I hope you have opportunity to both rest and reflect on the joys you experienced during the holidays.

Happy New Year to you.

I’m just now starting to feel better, but I’ve had a cold and crappy sleep also. We did our travel two weeks ago. Yesterday was the lowest I’ve been with MS all year.

I feel ya! Baby Einstein videos are a welcome break for me sometimes. I almost napped yesterday during her nap, but went to bed early instead. It usually takes me 3 days to recover from illness, holiday, drama, travel, etc. I hope you are feeling better soon 🤗

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My daughter raised her daughter and especially the grandson on Baby Einstein videos. It fascinated me that my grandson was entranced at just 7-8 months old.

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It’s so well done! Yes, they love it 😍 I started V around 4 months watching the sign language videos, and wow did that pay off well! She really doesn’t care for any other kids show or cartoon, or there’s something terribly frightening to her with the few others she has liked.

Now she points at the TV and says “show”, but I don’t turn it on until my legs are really mad at me and I need to sit. We still chat about the content and she shows me signs or tries to sing along. It’s saved me many many days!

I didn’t realize that it had effected me that much, but I have been extra tired 💤 the last couple days. I went yesterday early and had my feeding tube replacement and then came home and took down all the Xmas decorations 🥴. Now I am pooped today 💤. Oh well, it’s all done and now it’s time for the New Year 👍🙏 Ken 🐾😊


I think there is a natural letdown after Christmas, unless you are involved with all the after Christmas shopping bargains. Before Christmas, we tend to stress ourselves about gifts and lack of time to do everything we think we need to be doing. Even before MS, I just started cutting back on trying to do everything. In my mind, I would love to decorate the whole house, inside and out, but we just don't have the same energy we used to have, So we're learning to de-stress ourselve a little at a time..

Allow yourself to slow down, take a deep breath, and rest. Things will start looking up soon.

I understand you try to relax

It is stressful & can be overwhelming if we let it. I have learned to say “no” and put up healthy boundaries when it comes to holidays in general. I used to love to decorate everything but I’ve come to appreciate the simple things and just a few lights here and there is beautiful too. I didn’t put up my tree this year, my family was simply alright with it. After hurricane Florence this year, it seems our whole city has just taken a breath and slowed down. Christmas is within us, our outward expression of the season resembles how and why our Savior is here. A Light that pierces darkness🌟

I can't add more than what has been said. I kinda withdrew myself from all the holiday stress. You will learn how to handle your own ms stresses. Lay down for a while and relax, what you are going through is "normal". We understand. I wish for you, more relaxed days a head and a very happy New Year.

Add me to the list. I tried to joke saying "Man what an exhausting Christmas glad it is over! And that is considering I was responsible for absolutely nothing!". Not a comedian by any measure but I still laughed because it beats the alternative.

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