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I am here as you can tell


I probably should have made an effort to write this days ago, I am sorry. I am slack and I admit it, not sure that I really care to much it just "IS" That is an attitude "YOU" may look at adopting for yourself.

After being quite apprehensive about my trip it os course went off without any disasters. One of the reasons that preplanning is always a huge must. Vancouver airport is very nice and Canadians are very polite and helpful people. Would be nice if the rest of the world was like that, it might be a nicer place, but of course that is just my opinion. I think I have said before, religion is often the root of our problems, not so much the solution.

The aeroplane was great, the Boeing 787 was all that I expected. Perhaps it will be my aircraft of choice in future, cosier than Boein747-400s or Airbus A380's, besides I have ridden on them enough. My Mother is good, nice to live in the country and wake up to birds, I do miss that.

All in all it was a good trip, not sure why I was apprehensive, I am sure that it was just ms being its wicked self. Anyway thanks for everyone good wishes, I will be home in a few months, in time to start planning the next trip.


some thoughtful planning and care, the world is our oyster

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What part of Aus are you in? 😊

RoyceNewton in reply to jimeka

Queensland just north of brisbane

I am glad that your flight went well. Hope you have a nice visit!

RoyceNewton in reply to Morllyn


How do we know it's really you??

good point, I am not sure, I think I am me, but you never know


I am always apprehensive when embarking on an exciting adventure such as traveling. It is new and out of the normal everyday things that I do. And that is where the apprehension comes in because it is not a part of the ordinary tasks that I do from day to day. So, it puts me out of my comfort zone. However, with a lot of planning, things do go well. I am happy that you are enjoying your visit with your mom. I am still not in New Zealand, visiting my brother, but you have given my hope that it can be achieved, with a lot of preparation and careful planning! Thank you for being my inspiration!

Carole :-D

yes, the scary prt was going to a new airport, not sure why as it was very easy, but with ms you expect these things

You can do it, and hopefully, so can I. You are an inspiration, Royce! :-D

I did, just have to avoid Sydney next year that airport is a mess, though I am not sure that I can avoid it. That Boeing 787 was a nice plane so I guess that is how I have to go

Perhaps they will have that airport straightened out for your next visit. Did they have a suggestion box for you to put your ideas on how to make the place a better travel spot? Because I would want them to straighten things out prior to your next visit. :-D

no Sydney airport in a mess, what they need to do is build the second airport that they had planned twenty years ago, but they never will

Not everyone can be Vancouver airport! :-D

How nice to hear of your smooth flight. I had been wondering about you. It will be interesting to hear what you observe about health care down under, as well as how the change of latitude affects your health. Do, please, keep us posted on you. And be well!

RoyceNewton in reply to goatgal

latitude is pretty similar, hoping for no health issues, though I have to get a flu shot which I am not looking forward to. I am a 170lb (7?kilo) baby when it comes to needles


Be safe RoyceNewton 🤗💕🦈

RoyceNewton in reply to Jesmcd2


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