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Good news bad news

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I will start with the bad. Hannah has influenza A. She started not feeling well during round 2 of team USA trials (last Friday). Had her in urgent care within 20 mins of getting home. Then today Dan fell on the ice (1st day back to work) & hurt his right arm AGAIN. He’s had 17 surgeries in the 17 years we’ve been married...😱

Now to the good news...after bowling with Hailey all week...Kelly Kulick (women’s team USA trials champion, 15 year team USA member, newly hall of fame inductee) told hailey if she does well again this summer @ Jr Gold - she will personally recommend to the National Selection Committee that they put Hailey on Jr. Team USA. How’s that for motivation? -Kris

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What a week! ...and it's only Wednesday.

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kris1973 in reply to falalalala

No kidding! I had no idea who was knocking at our door - it was Kalli’s ride for confirmation...thankfully she wasn’t (still) sleeping!!!🤣

Wow, that’s great news for Hailey, keep us posted. I am sorry about Hannah and the flu, and I hope Dan’s arm is not injured too badly. Blessings Jimeka 😊

WOW 😮 what a crazy week Great news for Haily bad news for your husband this a congratulations 🎈 and not so good news for your husband.

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That's so Great kris1973 Tons of luck to her!! 🤗💕


I'm sorry about the bad stuff, but hope that great stuff makes up for it all a bit! Congratulations!

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That is excellent news kris1973 The dream is alive and well! Get better Hailey, and you can do it ~ just keep it down the middle! :-D

Thank you for the share...Point also is you keep getting back at it!Way to go!

I sure hope the sick and injured get better to join the celebration!

Exactly! But it gets post to come soon! I seriously think this excitement has brought on another relapse. So glad it’s Friday! -Kris

Sorry for the bad stuff hope everyone's feeling better soon. Congrats on the good stuff!

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kris1973 in reply to Peruzzot

Hannah’s been fever free for 36 hours. Catching up on sleep with occasional coughing fits. Said she wanted to practice tonight...that’s a great sign! Makes me wonder how well she could have done in Vegas without getting sick. Hopefully find out next year!

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