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Good news, bad news, and next steps


The exciting good news for me is that I've been able to walk non-stop for miles and hours (6+) this weekend with no symptom whatsoever. Last summer, I experienced "foot drop" after 30 min or so - this was prior to ms diagnosis.

Not sure what to attribute this to: 1st round of Ocrevus treatment, diet or lifestyle changes (more exercise) or the disease opting to be dormant right now. But I'll take it!

The bad news is that I lost my job at the end of August. I could attribute this to ms to the extent that it was an incredible distraction to me for the past 6 months - symptoms, tests, dx, then learning about all the twists and turns of disease and treatment.

Next step: I see my neuro later today, and I'm confident that I'm on the right track to maintaining a good life for the time being. Finding a job will happen and I'm only going to be stronger because of this unpleasant experience of ms and job loss.

Thank you for this community for helping in the process by sharing an incredible amount of great, first hand experiences and tips.

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WOW, that is amazing, you really do seem to be doing the best that you can. So keep it up and keep carrying on, I am impressed.


anaishunter, Good for you. It is awesome to hear such great news from a fellow MSer. It always gives us hope to read posts like this!

Very encouraging. May it continue 🦋

That’s Great 😁 Nice to hear improvement 👍🙏🐾Ken

Hooray on the walking! Maybe it was your job stress making your MS act out? I hope you continue to have improvements 🤗🕺

Good for you! My money is on the DMT, diet and exercise. That AND your positive attitude - keep it up!

Yep. I've been feeling so much better since I lost my job. The office job is fighting on the same side as my ms = the wrong side.

Well said!

Yay! For you. I pray that the good stuff continues...and even gets better 🌈

Anaishunter The trail ahead will continue to reveal itself in unanticipated ways. But with your positivity, you will take it in stride. Keep going!!!

I start my first Ocrevus in October. I'm a long time hiker and cross country skier hoping this will help me do some of my favorite things again!

Well done hun that sounds awesome xxxx

This is the first sign of good news I've had since I was diagnosed 14 years ago. I start Ocrevus next month and pray I'll able to walk without any assistive devices, John from Chelmsford.

You’re incredible!!! Thanks for sharing your triumphs. I hope the job situation changes to your liking when you’re ready.

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