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The best way to wake up

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I haven’t gone on myself in my sleep my problem is I feel like I have to go and when I get there nothing. Never mind the fact I was comfortable and dead asleep So I start getting back in bed here we go again back to the bathroom now I’m not moving I’m going to sit there til I pee.

Yes I have fallen asleep on the toilet trying to pee cuz it was taking too long

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I hate that feeling rjoneslaw 😴🤗💕


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I hate that feeling as well ~ should I stay or should I go. And I cannot wait too long because the urgency only increases exponentially if I wait. Have you spoken to your doctor about this? Perhaps there is something available to give you relief from this issue. Keep us informed of anything that you find that helps you. :-D

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rjoneslaw in reply to carolek572

I have talked to my dr. The only thing I can do is limit my fluid intake at night. I stop drinking and eating at 5pm. You know when you eat you have to have the drink to go with it

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Ali_B62 in reply to rjoneslaw

That's my trouble, I just can't avoid drinking if thirsty, but then at least if I have a drink there is something there even though I have had to get up and go! So difficult to get back to sleep again, though. ☺

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Interesting, I had the same issue. yes, I can't tell you how many times I;ve fallen asleep waiting to pee or even after. The tub is less than 3' across from the toilet and after bruising my ribs once, I keep the tub cushioned with towels and bath mats. Because I sit on the pot, I have my walker set up backwards over the toilet and it helps me sit or stand up. probably TMI, but now I stop fluids early and really try to not get up all night.

My nuero said that could happen because of Ms it it could be a side effect from the medicine

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