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Laughter Is The Best Medicine


Hey Everyone,

Today, I want to focus on what makes you smile or laugh!

Painting? Finger painting?

Drawing? Doodling, count? Uh huh!

Or gardening/landscaping? Out, out pesky weeds!

Interior Decorating? Yep.

How about photography? So many subjects to capture on film! Does anyone say that anymore? Or use a darkroom?

Cooking or baking, anyone? I am sure that you have plenty willing to taste your creations, perhaps? Maybe :))

Dancing, or singing, anyone? Dance like no one's looking and sing in the shower!

Telling stories/jokes? Yes, I will politely listen. :-)

Writing/reading books. I am currenting reading a good interesting book, Finding Good During Bad Times With Multiple Sclerosis by James Harmon. He is a member of this forum.

I bet that there is more that I can mention, but

For me, it is SEWING! I am in my happy place when I sew! And sew on...

There is a lot of evidence that suggests when one gets involved in an activity that they love, they are happier! And PLEEEEZE, it doesn't have to be something that you are good at! The fact that it makes you happier is all that matters.

I have found that even if I might not be able to do any hand sewing anymore, I can still use my trusty sewing machine to lay down some mean stitches! And have FUN!

So, go find your happy place!

Keep smiling,

Carole :-D

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My happy place is a long walk in the sunshine.

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Hey kdali,

LOVE that, too! :-D


It’s wonderful that you have a hobby or passion that gives you so much joy! I, too, adore quilting and find a great deal of satisfaction in it.

I lead our quilting ministry at church and get together with a friend with whom I share a longarm machine. I’m going today to work on quilting items for our bazaar coming up. She also has numerous health issues, so we laugh at our limitations and mistakes and have a marvelous time. I probably could still quilt by hand, which I loved, but I feel pressure to complete more projects now.

I hope everyone shares their victories today. Please post some pictures of your work. I’ll try to post some more soon, too.

I will try to post photos of my almost complete quilts/sewing projects soon but that is not my strong suit, sewing is! :-D

I enjoy working in the yard, maintenance items around the house 🏡. A big joy is helping my son with his projects 😁. He is twenty five and lives about mile away. Probably my biggest enjoyment is loving my furbabies, Rozy and Sniper 😁😉👍🙏🐾. Ken

I agree, Kenu, furbabies ARE such a great source of laughter! My furbabies, Riley =^..^= and Daisy =^..^=, make me smile every day, and clean, and give them treats, etc, etc.

Keep smiling,

Carole :-D

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That’s funny, two of our very favorite dogs over the years have been named Daisy and Riley! I just read an article last night about the important ways dogs give and take oxytocin (the love hormone) to and from us, making both parties bonded and happier. We give it by looking into their eyes and talking lovingly to them, thus receiving it ourselves. That is truly one of my favorite times. 🐶 I also love helping my group of elderly friends. The live in a seven story apartment building. Last week I found out they had been without a/c for five days! It is 100 degrees here! Not much was being done, so I called the Governors office! I am someone’s worst nightmare about these things. Within an hour Rocky Mountain Power was installing a massive brand new unit, suddenly the money appeared when I mentioned that I was sure the governor did not want old people dying on his watch! Yea. Love to all, Kelly

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Hey Amore55,

You ARE awesome! Those folks must be so happy that you could provide assistance to them.

There is great pleasure derived from helping others.

Daisy and Riley are my cats. Riley's face is my current avatar picture. Next month will be Daisy. Funny how your bestest furbabies were named the same as mine!

Are you sure that you don't have a cape and a suit with an "S" on your chest?

Keep smiling,

Carole :-D

I love love love spending time with my husband and children!!! And my fur babies!!! ❤ I love walks, it helps cool my anxiety down. I love listening to my music! 🎧🎵🎶 Music calms my soul! Oh how I do love my puzzle games. 😊❤🌷

Being out in the open air with Razor my dog on my trike but now my off road mobility scooter. I love watching the butterflies 🦋 and bees and the hawks and marsh harriers hunt for food. Also seeing the odd deer, and hares running around. Blessings Jimeka 😊

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Hey Jimeka,

You have put a smile on my face with your reply.

Thank you,

Carole :-)

I love to paint with watercolors, sew little items, and take wildlife pictures. I can only do then in short increments now, but eventually my projects get done.

Listening to music and playing my flute!😀🎼. Happy place! (Not that good at playing my flute, but love hearing the music that the flute ensemble I play in makes)

Laughter is the best medicine!


Hanging with my Dogs brings me laughter and joy

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