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I have a great granddaughter who was in children's hospital she was Dx with Chromes. She was sent home yesterday she has a virus of some kind. as soon as she's over it she goes back for heart surgery! Seems she has congestive heart failure, her aortic valve is to small. I am praying for the Drs. to have wisdom to know what is wrong & how to fix it!! She will be 6 months on Dec. 25th. This is difficult on every one. Thank you for your prayers. Mary

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Prayers are being said.

Sending prayers your way. I'm so sorry. ❤🌷

Praying for strength for you all and healing for your granddaughter. Please keep us informed at your convenience blessings Jimeka 🙏

Prayers gone up for your family and your great granddaughter. Praying for that peace that surpasses all understanding.


💐🌷🌸💖💘💗❤🙏🙏🙏Kycmary, Many Deep Prayers for that Wisdom for the doc's to know how to fix her, & Healing for her in Yashua's Name!🌸💐🐾💙Love Ya!---Jazzy🌹💜

Is this Chron’s or chromes ? Ken 🐾

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kycmary in reply to Kenu

I have a spelling thing on this computer that gets in my way I believe it's Chron's, although I don't think the Drs know for sure.

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Kenu in reply to kycmary

My wife has Chron’s and I know it’s no fun. She has been doing Remicade infusion every six weeks for the last year and doing much better 👍. Wish you well and hope you’re daughter doesn’t have this 🙏. Ken 🐾🎄⛄️

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Hidden in reply to Kenu

I’m so glad she’s doing well on Remicade🙏

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kycmary in reply to Kenu

Hi Kenu glad your wife is doing good.

So much for one so little! I'm sorry for what she and your whole family must be going through.

I'll be praying for God's comfort and help for this little one and for your family. Please let us know how she's doing.

Thank you to all of you I knew my MSAA family would respond. We wait now to hear if she is getting over the bug she has.

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I will meditate good thoughts and prayers. Do you mean Crohn’s? My daughter is now 31 yrs old and living with it. There are many more medical regimens now that work. My father had it when there was nothing much you could do. There is hope. Prayers to all of you, your family and the sweet babe.🙏🙌🏼

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kycmary in reply to Hidden

Yes Thank you I have 2 sisters with Chron's also these are my step children but having them for 39yrs since before their parents even got married they are mine. I love them all!!

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Oh my. I was told it was hereditary. My daughter went through huge raging in middle and high school, thinking my MS had given to her! It was so stressful. She spent lots of time in the hospital.😞 Has had 2 small bowel resctions. But she’s a clever and talented actor, now finally admitting she HAS the disease and must stay on her meds. Her partner and she are hilarious comedians. She has no problem talking about Crohn’s (and pot) in their skits.🤣🤣🤣 Let’s keep our prayers coming for this tiny baby..❤️🌹

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kycmary in reply to Hidden

Crone's is an auto immune disease MS is an auto immune disease & approx. 500,000. other diseases I think we all are being used as gennie pigs. Before the baby was born there were some problems with her ultrasounds & I remember something was said about her having heart problems. Then right after she was born less than 24 hrs. some test were done on her heart as it was racing.

U have my prayers

My prayers are with you all, especially the little one.

YES you have my prayers. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Omg that is horrible I will pray for her and your family God bless you guys through the holidays

Praying 🙏 God's wisdom and guidance.

Prayers for your granddaughter and family. God knows her name, but if you will share her first name it would be appreciated.

May peace, hope and courage be with you in the name of Jesus

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kycmary in reply to Brindisi1

Her name is Logan McKenzie, She is named in memory for her great grandfather.

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Brindisi1 in reply to kycmary

She will be covered on prayer for her recovery.


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kycmary in reply to Brindisi1

I appreciate all the prayers from every one thank you all so very much. I can feel your prayers love to all Mary

I'm so sorry your family is going through this. I will

pray for you.


Will pray for complete healing and no remaining health issues!

I thank you all for your prayers. I pray every night for each one on this site may God bless each and everyone here thank you.

Prayer is covering your great granddaughter and family!! My granddaughter will be six months on Christmas as well. God makes children so resilient. Science has come a long way. I believe we were not born with worry , your faith is strong. God willing, all will be well. Blessings Cynthia

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kycmary in reply to CynthiaS

Thank you God did not give us a spirit to worry & fret about things. He gave us a spirit to survive, a brain to think with & a written command to pray for one another. I know that prayer works as I am still walking & talking.

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CynthiaS in reply to kycmary


I wish you every success; prayers sent!

I already pray daily for my MS buddies, but

Opps, but you and your great grand daughter will get extra prayers 🙏🙏🙏🙏😇😇

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kycmary in reply to DIsneyQueen

DisneyQueen thank you so much I also pray for all my MS buddies every day

I hear this afternoon that the baby will have surgery on Jan. 7, 2019.

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