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Update...new location, fresh start

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Hey everyone! I just want to let you know that I have arrived in Branson, Missouri and it is just as beautiful as I hoped! I have a darling place to stay. It is right on a giant lake. I think I will be happy here. I start volunteering on Thursday with a group called Jesus was Homeless. They provide 1100 meals every Thursday to homeless and near homeless. Thank you for your support. Love to all, Kelly xx

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Amore55 Oh Kelly, how wonderful to hear your voice again here! All your MS family has been waiting to hear that your burden of grief and loss has been eased and that you are safe. Hugs and kisses, Linda

The best of luck to you Kelly.

I’m glad for you Kelly😀. Stay in touch and let us know how you’re doing.

That’s fantastic! I love that you’re giving back also 😍

I’m very excited for your new chapter in life! 🤗

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Amore55 I am very happy to hear good news from you!

Keep Smiling, and Stay Strong,

vHugs, and vKisses for you,

Carole :-D

How exciting! I've been thinking about you as you've been traveling over the last few days. Glad that you have found a place to volunteer.

Wow, I hope that you aren’t responsible for cooking the 1100 meals? I am pleased that you have got a nice home and on the lake, how tranquil. Enjoy, have fun, you sound more positive, hugs Jimeka 🤗

Kelly, you astonish me! You just arrived and are already involved and giving of yourself.

I pray that the people there will love you and your new surroundings be a joy-filled home.

Thanks for letting us know you got there safely.

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I am so proud of you Amore55 💕 You are doing it!!! Take your time and settle in. Enjoy your time there! Much Love! And Support! 🤗💕


Great news and a new page. It’s a beautiful place😁

So glad to hear from you and that you arrived safely Amore55 That's great you have found a place to volunteer and help give back. Remember to take it easy. Keep us updated when you can.


👍😍❤💚💙💛💖💘💐🌷🌸🌺😻🐈YAY! Kelley sweety, I'm so very happy for you, 😍😃😀😄 That homeless meal thing sounds great, I heard that Branson, Mo. Is the music capital of USA.👍Enjoy! & we all love ya! A new start always helps, Many Blessings & Prayers for ya!🌸🙏---Jazzy💜🌹

Great News 👍. I am very proud of what you have done ✅. Sounds like a wonderful place 😁. Hope everything continues well and prayers are with you 🙏🎄. Ken 🐾

Kelly, so good to hear from you. I'm happy you found such a nice place and some meaning for your life. Enjoy the week

Amore55 . Kelly I’m so glad things are working out for you. If anybody deserves it it’s you after all you’ve been thru.

Enjoy your new life my friend.

God bless you


Wishing you the very best and much happiness in your new surroundings Amore55 .

You are an awesome person. Enjoy and Do You! 😊❤🌷

Glad you got moved. Hope everything continues to go smoothly.


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