Hi there! Just wanted to thank you guys & gals for reading my story and responding so quickly. I was so thankful that I have some new friends! So here is my update...swelling is going down with a stronger water pill. Still working on getting a new neurologist and seeing if my insurance will pay for UVA. Was told not to take the seizure medication because he said I was on Gabapentin already for the muscle spasms so he felt fairly confident in telling me that I was not having seizures. As far as Baclofen the 20 mg dose did not work as I had so bad of a day on Tuesday with tremors and balance. I tried to read & study but just shook too much and fell asleep a lot. I'm now off of the Baclofen without bad tremors. My doctor told me we will get this figured out! I hope you all enjoy your weekend! I'm flying to Florida on Monday so my only hope is we miss the bad snowstorms!

Take care!!

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  • I'm glad you have a doctor figuring it out! I hope you can find a new neurologist that you like!

  • KATC1972 , it sounds as though you have found a doctor who will listen and knows how best to treat you. Glad the tremors and balance are reducing and your swelling. Have a good flight to Florida. Where are the expected snow storms? Surely not Florida? Blessings Jimeka

  • Over the past few days the forecast showed snow but today was sunny and 48. In Virginia.. I think Everyone wants a blizzard but I just want to make it to airport!!

    Take care!

  • Have a good vacation, hope the temperatures are good to you, blessings Jimeka 🙋 ✈️🌞 🦋

  • We have quite a big storm covering most of the Northeastern states and some of the northern central states.. Am I being bad, we've been in the high 70's and expect and 80 degree day on Tuesday.. Hopefully, my feel will stop feeling like they are freezing.

  • Hi! This storm looks huge!! I leave for Florida this afternoon and I just looked outside and it is flurrying! Stop! The storm can hit after I'm in the air! lol. I hope you feel better!


  • Hope your trip is safe and you have a wonderful vacation

  • Hi KATC1972

    Sounds like some good news and some continued troubles. Hang in there!

    Come say hi in Florida 😊👋

  • Thanks for your help! My allergy doctor gave me Prednisone and I'm wondering if that is not why I am feeling better!

    Take care!

  • Hi! Where do you live in Florida? We are flying into Sanford/Orlando and getting a rental car to drive to Kissimmee(probably spelled wrong). where my uncle & aunt live. I'm excited but my brother hasn't been on a plane since 1976. This should be interesting! Thanks for everything!

  • KATC1972

    I'm in the Orlando area

    I'm Out of town this week tending to parents in Naples

    How long will u b in Kissimmee?

  • WOW!! What a small world! My brother & I will be there until next Monday morning. Our uncle lives there so every few years I get the idea to go down there!! Have a good day!!

  • KATC1072 Thank you for the update! Your voice sounds stronger and more optimistic (that's always wonderful). Have a wonderful Florida visit with lots of stories to bring back.

  • Wow! What a big sigh of relief! I'm so glad your doctor is listening and working with you to find answers and appropriate treatment!

  • Great news KATC1972 . Glad your pc dr. is there for you. Enjoy FL and wave when you pass over my house.

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