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What is your nightly routine


I ask this question for fun.

My sister and I get in really big fights about this when we go out of town. My mother and me we have to sleep with the tv on with sound.

My sister wants it pitch black and silent.

This becomes an issue when we’re at a hotel in the same room for some reason my mother always gives in to her and it drives me crazy. In the middle of the night she will walk by the tv and turn the tv down to where you can’t hear it when she has already agreed to a level ( it already low where you can barely hear it , yes I turn it back up).

Here is the part I don’t understand when we’re in the car the radio is blasting and it’s complete daylight out the sun is shine directly in her face and she is fast asleep.

My tv is on at night but off during the day but if I’m sleep it’s on I need the noise

What about you?

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Silence and blackout. 🦋

rjoneslaw in reply to jimeka

My sister would luv u to pieces

TV and fan. 😊❤🌷

Sorry but I need dark and quiet.

I have to have the 📺 off because I always start watching it and can’t sleep 💤. My wife needs the 📺 on to sleep 😴 likes the noise? Also I am a morning person and she is a night owl 🦉. Needless to say we sleep in separate rooms. 👍🙏🐾Ken

Midgey_Midge06 in reply to Kenu

My fiancé and i are same way. We have separate rooms too. I do have a sound machine i cant sleep without but i have to have pitch black and no voices.

I have to have the TV on! Years ago I had it quiet and dark, but when I became older I started to listen to audio books, but since my CD player no longer works and there's "nothing" on TV so I'll put a movie in just for the noise.

Quiet, dark and cold. But sometimes I will wake up when the infomercial for pilates ends and feel refreshed too after falling asleep before turning it off .

My hub/caregiver loves that--->📺 on w\sound, I can't stand it so separate bedrooms, I too am a night owl, but I like the radio on quietly (either classical or Native American Flute), that makes me sleep nice & Deep!😴😴😴👍💐 interesting post! Love Ya R.J.💗❤💚💙💛--Jazzy🌹💜

I need TV. When it goes off, I wake up.

Morllyn in reply to Juliew19673

Just like my mother. 😆

I am like you I know when the tv goes off

Sorry but quiet and dark. I'm guessing it's what I had when a lot younger? Also, more comfortable sleeping on my side, maybe for same reason. :-)

I always wondered that if what we had as babies or young children has an effect on how we sleep as adults.

Routine very disturbed due to stress at the moment but in the past I always tried to be in bed by 9,usually awake by 6. :-)

Yup same here. But my diva dog decides we go to bed around 7:30-8 and the other dog wakes us at 6 ish 😁

When I was younger I could do the dark silent room not anymore

I grew up in house that had black out shades so i was always used to that.

No tv, no noise 🤫 , but I know what you mean. My husband used to watch the “Tonight Show” 📺, in bed 🛌, before he went to sleep 💤. I would try to go to sleep but with the noise and lights I couldn’t. I started putting a pillow over my head so that I could sleep 💤. He doesn’t watch tv in bed any more but I still sleep with a pillow over my head. Oh, and we both like it cold/cool, and the fan on, with a blanket over us.

My mother couldn’t sleep without the tv on. If she was asleep, snoring (lightly) we would try to turn it off and she would wake up and say “I was watching that!” She wasn’t, and could never tell us what she supposedly had been watching, but she still said it. 😆

rjoneslaw in reply to Morllyn

Unlike your mother I can fall asleep on what I was watching and tell you about. I think it's because most shows have the same plot.

I've always needed dark and quiet until MS. Having dealt with insomnia for years, I tried to have good sleep hygiene. Now everyone in the household sleeps with the TV on. I can't tolerate 99% of TV shows, so it's usually a movie or TCM. I can't explain the change.

Totally dark with a fan on absolutely.😋😋😋


Growing up we only had one tv and it was in the living room. I went to sleep listening to crickets and frogs in the summer and owls during the winter.

After years of being an MP I learned very quickly that when it got to quiet at night trouble was a foot. I can't sleep now if it's too quiet. It puts me on alert. I either sleep with the tv on, the radio, or an audio book. The instant it goes silent for any reason I wake up and start looking for the reason it got suddenly silent.

Sorry, I'm with your sister. Pitch black and dead silent. The slightest noise drives me nuts! (So that explains my "crazy" because my husband snores!)

Very interesting....I put youtube fireplace or thunderstorm on...loud..fall asleep and I use the timer for 1 1/2 hrs...if I sleep alone.MUST have a fan and an airfilter.Windows are blackout.Glass of water and meds predone so I wake up 5 am take them and go right back to sleep....but strangely high pitch on fridge annoys me(like husbands snoring so I have earplugs in too..

Have you thought of drawing straws instead of sis having her way?xoxoxox

rjoneslaw in reply to jackiesj

for some reason I truly believe my mother may be afraid of her she always give into her. It's always what does she think. My sister tries some crazy thing my mother tries it to.

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