Is it?...must be my MS!

Anyone else have a tendency to attribute any new or crazy symptom to MS? And of course my neurologist often says, "it could be." No definitives...

A few years ago I lost function in my right leg. Finally (after told this was MS but no MRI for LS spine needed, MS lesions rarely in lumbar region) I insisted on an LS MRI. I had a cyst on my spinal cord, had surgery and resumed leg function (yay!)

Hickmans dictum, a person can have more than 1 disease. Sometimes fatigue is just fatigue, a sneeze is just a sneeze, and sometimes it is MS.

Thanks for letting me rant 😬

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  • You go ahead and rant, if it makes you feel better, why not. If the medical profession would only take the time to listen, rather than looking at their watch all the time, to make sure they don't go over their allotted time they have with you, we might feel like people instead of money making items.

  • Except I'm one of those medical people 🙃

    Guilty as charged

  • Sorry, but my doctor even says 'let's make it quick, it's a full house today' and I was there 4 weeks ago needing help with depression, so they have referred me to a councillor, but still haven't heard anything.

  • @jimeka so sorry for your experience. I wish I could say that was unusual but health care is far from ideal 🙁

  • I come from a medical family , my sister was a GP until an encounter with breast cancer and it was her that always came up with what was wrong with me and guided me the right way, I will always be grateful for her help, but the care seems to have removed itself from the NHS , my own daughter is a paediatric nurse and she says it is very hard these days to give the care and support due to red tape. I am always been told have patience, but the ms seems to take the ability to have patience away. Cel a vie !!

  • We all need to stand up and take control. I know the Dr. answers to the insurance companies. In the big scheme of things we pay the Drs., without us the our premiums ten would be out of business.

    When you make an appointment tell them you want enough time to ask questions and GET ANSWERS.

    Smile and be friendly will get you a lot further.

  • Erash, it's Fancy1959, Rant on girl, rant on. That's what we are here for. No neurologist should be allowed to refuse diagnostic testing to a person were the diagnosis is unsure. You know your body better and anyone else and it is up to you to stand up and take charge of your health care when you know stuff is going on. Look, by demanding the MRI of your lower spine, you have your right leg back and functioning again. Your Neurologists had nothing to gain and nothing to lose. It wasn't his leg involved. It was yours. This makes me so proud of you Erash!

    I'm glad you have joined our family. I hope you become a shining example of the good that can happen when you participate on our website. You simply talking about it to others will give them inspiration to stand up for themselves. Remember we are stronger together and you have shared your strength with many others on this website just now. You truly showed others what we mean about becoming an MS Warrior. I want to invite others to become MS Warriors with us. And to stand and fight with us. Thank you Erash for sharing your inspirational story!

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