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I've seen a lot of posts on driving lately so I thought I would share a tidbit of information. I have a disabled son who is currently in vocation rehabilitation. When I took him in to get evaluated for the program, I mentioned that I have MS. She told me that if I found I was no longer able to drive, they would PAY FOR hand controls on my car. So look them up!

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They also train you on how to use them.

How are you doing? Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🤗

Still happening. 17 days and counting... Saw my GP today and he's doing more testing. My annual MRI is tomorrow so perhaps they'll learn something from that. Thanks for asking.

Please let me know how you go on, 🙏 for you, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🤗

You are so sweet. So far the prescription is NOT working. Hopefully more time on it will work.

Can’t you insist on seeing a specialist so that you can get the right medication to stop it. Please take care, hugs Jimeka 🤗 🤗

Giving the new med until Friday. Took 3 yesterday but the faucet is still turned on!

Oh dear. I hope you are resting, and not at work. Sip on the water, don’t gulp it, that way you will keep hydrated and it won’t stimulate you to go, hopefully, will be praying for you, big hug, Jimeka 🙏 🤗

I had my annual MRI this morning, went home and started a load of laundry. Today I'm off work so have read some and watched a bit of TV. Time for a nap! Hopefully when I wake I can vacuum a bit.

Just try and take it easy 🤗


Please keep us posted, Blessings🙏🙏🙏

GM. How are you?

That is good info. to know.

Njoy your day.

I can tell you that getting hand controls for my car gave me back my freedom. It was amazing how quickly I adapted to them. I drive slower now, and that causes some frustration with folks driving behind me. I figure, they’ll get over it. P.S. I love my cruise control on the highway.

Thanks for the info. Wondering what organization or? installs those hand controls. Have never heard of this.

Google "Vocational Rehabilitation" to get the ball rolling. From there they should be able to recommend a company who can do it.

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