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what caused anyone to give up driving


I am really curious,I had an incident at the end of my driveway, scared me. My feet were numb that day, and I am pressing on the gas I thought and could not figure out why I was standing still because I was pressing on the brake!I was always one of those people when I see an accident happen like that I would say how does that happen, now I know. Is it MS, or my brain or everything.I won't drive with numb feet and legs anymore

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My husband doesn’t want me to drive anymore because of my right eye with it having shadows and also my right foot not being able to move it easily. I do miss being able to drive.

pamgarner in reply to ssdw1958

we give up soooo much with this disease, that goodness it s not at once, giving up driving hmmppph!now I get how seniors feel, tough thing to do. thanks for reply'

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It is hard for me because I use to do so much and now I don’t do much of anything anymore.


My back surgeon told me I had to pamgarner after I tore up my 1st set of disability papers. 😡 He had a new set ready cause he knew I would. Then told me about driving 😕 I asked him why,? Cause the car would stop, one way or another. 😀 He was not amused with me.😒😂🤣😂

Drs have no sense of humor!🙃



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You know I totally agree with you about these doctors LOL

Haven't driven for almost 5 years now. Still gets to me sometimes. Can't just get in the car and go as I please, or to get what I need. Always have to wait for a ride, which usually doesn't happen Till days later. I understand everyone is busy, but when you're 100% dependent on others you learn to just do without.

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I am with you I hate that I can’t drive and I have so much I want and need to do. I need to make doctors appointment but I have to wait for someone else and I would like to go to a store and get something but I can’t. It makes me want to scream. I get so bored in this house. I can’t lift or clean anything. Ok I’ll stop but you know what I mean.


I've had times, especially during the first exacerbation when I felt very afraid driving due to the cognitive fog and inability to process information. It was hard to give up driving, and I wondered if I ever could again. I'm driving again, but if I have any doubt, I have someone else do it. I hate being dependent on others, and it does feel like my freedom is inhibited, but I realized that I would be completely devastated if by driving "while under the influence of MS" I caused an accident, especially one that injured or killed someone else.

Thats me. I havent given it up totally but ever since i have some serious cog fog and forgot once how i got into the car while i was in the middle of a highway!

I dont go long distances at all only drive in my town if i feel ok. My town is teeny tiny so if i take back roads i never see traffic.

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I don't think the judge would let us off!

When I first came out of the hospital, I was told I was not aloud to drive because the MS affected my Optical Lens which made my vision blurry and until Virginia Eye Consultants checked my vision and gave me the okay. My Neuro then let me drive after 4 to 5 months later. Now when I drive I make sure I'm completely rested. When I feel fatigued I ask my husband to drive. It sucks because I use to be able to drive for hours without feeling to tired and now I get tired of even thinking about driving sometimes. ❤🌷

I gave up driving 10 years ago because of my vertigo that is always there, some days are worse than others. That was after a very bad relapse from the flu that left me unable to go back to work because of the dizziness. Now I have to rely on others to get me where I need to go unless a place is close enough for me to walk and I am having a good day and the weather is decent. Can't believe it has been 10 years already!


Hmm have not driven more than 3 meters 10 or so feet in 20 years. Prefer being driven. My drivers are excellent, Mother in Australia and she who must be obeyed in America. Go where ever I want and if they will not take me there is always somebody else or I go not go, besides it is much more fun being a aide seat deiver.

Scary 😬 I once hit the accelerator rather than the brakes. Fortunately, only tapped our trash can. Sometimes, while waiting at a light, I feel like my leg will give out depressing the brake🙁 I no longer drive at night, or on highways. 🚙

1. My visual vertigo - looking @ the road, movement of cars, windshield wipers, snowflakes, lights, shadows - the worst was going up/down the parking ramp & not being able to park my truck straight in a spot - could only turn left bc the perception was so off

2. My slow reaction time

3. I wouldn’t take pain meds if I was gonna drive

By the time I got to work I would hold the walls just to get to my desk & be sick to my stomach til lunchtime. Oh yeah-I worked @ a personal injury law firm. Had to take myself off the road. -Kris

I am waiting for that to happen. My vertigo seems to be getting worse. If i take Nuvigil it kinda helps with it but not as much as it used to

Midgey_Midge06 I started taking the bus but the same thing happened bc of the large windows - not to mention the noise. My neuro restricted me to part time work from home but I was taken off completely 9 months later. So within 24 mos of my 1st PPMS symptoms - I couldn’t work. Not how I had seen future.

Ya same here. I had my future all planned out. The recession derailed it then just as i rebuild it - bam. MS.

Luckily i like my life now. Where i am at kinda. God put me with the rite man to help me with this. 🙏🏻

thank you for a real question...recently informed that if accident occurs they have the right like a breathalyzer to draw blood to see if you are a list of medications.(this from a person in insurance who tracks that)….So when I get behind the wheel I ask myself many clarity questions and I do not drive if ive taken my own test for it.If I killed mamed etc because of my neglect..couldn't deal with it.So sometimes I wait on the good company I have for help and assistance.We do give up things in life but sometimes get more because of it.

I had bad vertigo a few years ago when I was first diagnosed with "probable MS." I had a couple of days when i had to call in sick because my head was spinning so bad I couldn't drive. I still sometimes suffer vertigo but it usually happens later in the day when I've pushed myself too far. I dread the day I have to give up driving for good. But I've got a backup plan in the works...I'll get a horse to ride...he or she can do the driving to anywhere I want to go when I want to go. 😁

This is an excellent question for me on several fronts. A few months ago I was stopped at a red light after leaving a Drs. Appt. while wearing my new size 14 hiking boots (my preferred footwear) and due to the sheer size I only had by foot on a corner of he brake. It slipped off and I (literally) tapped the van in front of me. Not even the dirt on our vehicles was disturbed. We pulled over and exchanged information and it became a conversation during which I mentioned my diagnosis with MS. Turns out she was a doctor and later that night caused paperwork to be sent to the State challenging my abilities to drive and/or have a license. Subsequently I took all of the driving tests they could think of and had to provide certification from two doctors attesting to my abilities to drive. All of which I did. My own big mouth and my disposition of talking to people and being open about myself came back to kick me in the butt.

I used to love driving and have driven around several continents for either business or photography (my former passion). Now I only drive when I have to which is more than I like. I live in a rural setting where there are no buses, no trains I can get to that go where I need to go (almost exclusively Drs. appts.

I know that I really shouldn’t be driving (by law) but am loath to give it up. That will be a bitter pill for me to swallow. It’s routine for me to have three doctors appts. A week between my Neurologist (who, oddly enough, has MS too), Nephrologist, Neurosurgeon, cardiologist, Oncologist, the pain clinic doc, family doc and more plus numerous periodic/scheduled tests.

I’ve had 27/28 surgeries but the last one is the one that put me out of commission. It was a complete rebuild of my entire spine from stem to stern. At that point it had only been done -100 times in the U.S. and only two surgeons were trained to do it. Biggest mistake of my life without exaggeration. I’ll spare you the details.

The poster above who mentioned the blood tests is partly correct. Typically they only have that ability if there is personal injury or reason to believe that you’re impaired. However there may be some variance amongst the states.

Again, yet another reason to give it up altogether. We’re trying to fix up the house so that we can sell and move into a place that’s ADA compliant and is within walking wheelchair distance if some basic amenities like a pharmacy and grocery store so that giving up my DL is somewhat more palatable.

Wow! That’s a lot more than anyone expected or wanted I guess but there it is.

My best advice is to check the laws of your state AND have a candid discussion with your doctor. Also, don’t follow my example and throw everything out in a post that can potentially be used against you.

pamgarner in reply to guitarguy

this disease is sooo complex! It snowballs.I gave up driving on days my feet are completely numb, seems to be working so far.So sorry for your experience,i take the advantage of my good days and do too much, it's a catch 22

jackiesj in reply to guitarguy

Thank you for really putting it out there!

Well, I had to take some of it back as I went way past the line of prudence and common sense. Sorry.

Most people encouraged me to not drive way before my MS diagnosis (lol) but what has really stopped me from driving lately is my right leg/foot numbness.My reaction time has slowed and I am not sure I could stop in time.

pamgarner in reply to falalalala

better safe than sorry, it's hard to give up driving,but I have found how many people care and are willing to drive me,blessings

TonyiaR7 in reply to pamgarner

I finally learned to use Uber and may try Lyft (they say it is cheaper) all are cheaper than taxis

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