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thank you all response I received about driving


I decided this is a disease of the unexpected,chips away freedoms alittle at a time, what it has taught me is to expect the unexpected,that seems to be the norm.You do get some smiles out of this craziness, I was walking to my car with a cane and I thought I was doing ok,well a 95 year old man who was hunched over with his own cane ask me if I needed help,God love him,then I thought how bad do I look, made me smile. People are kind.then I had a man in his late 80's walk around the front of my grocery cart on his cane and unload my grocerys to the belt,again how bad do I look? then I thought he probably thought behind me he would never get out unless he helped me :) pam

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How nice that people are offering to help 👍. I know when I am walking 🚶‍♀️ I look more unbalanced than I really am. I don’t use my cane much with my new brace but people seem to notice and grab the door for me. 🙏🐾. Ken


I try to remember that we have to constantly make adjustments and adapt with MS, but we have to do that with life in general, anyway. Isn't it lovely when other people are helpful as we go through struggles?

pamgarner It's about empathy and connection. Why wouldn't people want to help one another in simple ways? If someone holds a door open as I wobble forward, it's about his or her good heart and not about how badly I walk. There is so much anger and criticism afloat these days that a moment of pure kindness is a joy. Savor it!

Reminds me of the time I was walking in the mall with my cane and saw a much older couple approaching the door from the other side. He was struggling to push her in a wheelchair and carry their shopping bags. So, I "rushed" to get to the door to hold it open for them. In my "rush", I tripped over my feet and cane and the air and ended up practically in her lap. We all had a good laugh over this (after we made sure no one was hurt).

you have got to laugh at the ridiculous of it all, if not you cry,rather laugh

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Smallest acts of kindness never go unrewarded. Out world Is filled with people who have lost the smallest amount of respect they can give to their neighbor. Pray for them!

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you are soo right,a amall act of kindness could literally make someones'day

These men were raised in the day when a gentleman automatically helped a lady. That’s what this generation is lacking. God bless them.


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