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\Free to be at 53!!!!


I would like to say thank you to all of you who wished me a happy birthday!!! Sometimes I forget to check my e-mails! MS gets on my nerves! LOL. I celebrated my 53 birthday with 8 amazing women who have walked with me since my MS diagnosis on July 24th, 2014! They were my John at the cross! We shared dinner at 5-7:30 pm and concluded with a Painting with a Twist party! We had a ball! Ir was so good to laugh and have fun!!!! Three traveled from Texas, one Baton Rouge !!! I felt so special! I am extremely grateful for these women who lift me up and sometimes carry me when I am down! They were so ecstatic to see me walking with a cane and standing w/o assistance for lone periods of time!!! They encourage and motivate me!!! FRIENDSHIP is important!!! The journey is not always easy, but it helps to have someone there! Especially positive folks!!! Even with MS, this was my best birthday celebration ever!!!! My son said it was worth every dime to see me so happy!!!! I waited until I was 53 to put a TuTu on! My birthday Motto is Free to be at 53!!! Laugh, live, and love!!!

Continued Blessings!

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Well look at you go!! How wonderful you look lexsarset 😀 and to have such amazing friends to celebrate with!! Priceless!

So happy for you!🤗💕


lexsarset in reply to Jesmcd2

Thank you Jesmcd2!!! I am trying to remain positive!!! As we all know, we have our days!

Continued blessings!!!

Oh it’s so good to see and hear of your happiness. Enjoy, keep smiling, and keep in touch. Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🤗

lexsarset in reply to jimeka

Hi Jimeka, Thank you so much for your kind words!!! I will try! My motto is free to be at 53! I am living life to the fullest in spite of MS!!! I have decided to laugh, live and love!!! I exclude folks out of my circle if they are negative! I do not care who they are. I find this is helping me !

Hugs and blessings!


Kenu in reply to lexsarset

Good for you 👍 Great attitude 🙏🐾. Ken

lexsarset in reply to Kenu

Thank you so much Ken!!! Attitude determines altitude!!!

Continued blessings!!!

jimeka in reply to lexsarset

I agree with Kenu , great attitude. Many blessings Jimeka 🦋 🍫 🎶 🤗


Lexsarset, it's Fancy1959 and I just sign back in to reply to your post you are very welcome! And I agree with many in the chat room that you have a great attitude keep it up! It will help more than you could ever imagine. Fancy.

Happy 53rd birthday!

lexsarset in reply to dogdaddy

Thank you!

Continued blessings!


Hey lexsarset,

The gorgeous smile on your face says it all! You are blessed to have such amazing friends and family!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Thank you for sharing wonderful photo of your b-day celebration,

Keep smiling,

Carole :-D

lexsarset in reply to carolek572

Thank you Carole!

Continued blessings!

I love your motto - free to be 53! Can I adopt it for a couple of weeks? My odometer is about to flip to the next # (4). A big hell yes to laugh, live, and love! Happy Birthday!

lexsarset in reply to PunkChic

Yes, yes, yes!!! (So much more at 54!) Live, laugh, and love!

Continued blessings

kycmary in reply to lexsarset

Hello everyone remember God the father gave us each our birth year & all the rest to celebrate each time it rolls around again!


How marvelous! I'm tickled pink that you had such a fabulous birthday, but even more so that you have such fabulous friends all year. I wish all of us here on the forum could meet in person and have a huge party like the one you had!

Thanks for the wonderful picture!

lexsarset in reply to greaterexp

Wow! Greaterexp! We would have a ball! My son really outdid himself. To top it off he took so many photos and made me a photo book. He also made prints of my guests to give them. They were more than appreciative. I am extremely grateful for my friends. They pick me up when I am down. I am the eldest of my parents children. I have sisters who are identical twins and 19 yrs younger than I am. Two brothers who are 51 and 47. I took care all of them and always went the extra mile. However, none of them are here for me. They all are in denial! They cannot believe the rock has been broken. Thank God for my parents! I always had special txt because of the eldest status; now, I get more attention than ever! I am so grateful for them. Love them so. I am grateful for all of you! It would great to have a party with all of you! It would be so much fun!

Continued blessings!

Happy belated Birthday

lexsarset in reply to kycmary

Thank you!

Continued blessings

Sorry I missed your birthday but I wasn’t and still having issues. My 58 b-day was my worse. But you are beautiful and I love your tutu. You look so adorable. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

lexsarset in reply to TonyiaR7

Hello my friend! Sorry to hear that you did not have a good birthday. Hope you guys had a great time celebrating your anniversary! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Continued blessings

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