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Just joining today..hello. I am 62 and have had MS for about 15 years. Thats when they told me what was wrong. I am single, retired,no kids, and as happy as I can manage given the circumstances. I only come to these places occasionally to see what people are speaking of. Every now and then I get the urge to post. I hope all who read this have a happy holiday.

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  • Hi Helen, merry Christmas. Good to meet you, it's a great place to come to. I am nearing 61, dx 6 years ago PPMS, they told me I had probably had it lurking around for about 20 years previous to being told. Well, we all have ms on here, we are all different, but we all suffer in a variety of ways, so usually someone can relate to you. There are so many talented people on here, and it is good to see how people channel themselves and make the most of a not so good situation, so if you have any ideas, please share, if you enjoy any crafts, please post a picture, also we like to have a laugh, life can become too serious with ms, so enjoy. Have the best Christmas you can , blessings Jimeka

  • Hi Helen,

    Welcome! This is a great place to connect with others who have MS in a good, positive way. As far as I have seen, people are respectful and often helpful to fellow posters.,. Enjoy and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, 🎄Elise

  • Hello and welcome , Tellnhelen. I think you'll find this site to be different from some others. We talk openly and honestly about pretty much anything concerning MS. We are from all over the world so regardless of the time there's usually someone to talk with. Best of all, you'll find that you're not alone because we all walks in one another's shoes and you're likely to find that somebody has experienced your concerns and can share some helpful insight. I think you will like it and feel comfortable here.

  • Hi tellnhelen glad you joined and hope you will get the urge to stop in regularly. This is my favorite chat space! Very happy holidays and a wonderful new year to you 🎉

  • Thank you, tellnhelen, hope you enjoy the Christmas time .I am 63 and only diagnosed this year on copaxone.Great group of helpful people here. Best wishes to all from Ireland, wet and windy today.

  • Hi tellnhelen well l can't say anymore than what our friends said except welcome again! As they said, we do talk about pretty much anything and everything. But most of support each other. After all we are in the same boat.

    Have a look around and comment on posts or ask questions. Welcome to the chat family 😊

    Are you ready for the Holidays?


  • Merry Christmas to you!

  • Having been diagnosed at 28 and I'm 62 now I have learned a lot. One of the greatest is being positive! After living 34 years with ms and 5 kids later..being positive has helped me bring myself to a fun and monetary place. I make all kinds of jams and jellies..huckleberry to strawberry ghost pepper jam and many many more...I also bake breads, cookies, and I crochet. If you can find a hobby there's no limits to what you can do! I sell everything I make so I take pride in all I do. Merry Christmas to all!🎅🎅


  • Hi Laurajam do you make strawberry rhubarb? Yum that's my favorite! Welcome to our chat! So many new people all at. Once that we are still playing catch-up. We are thrilled your here! 😊

    Have a Safe and Merry Christmas to You and Yours


  • I'am also 62,diagnose 5 years ago. I remember 30 years ago I read a article in readers digest

    that a nurse was taking a patient in the elevator to her room in a nurseing home,the nurse asked her do you think your going to like it ? She replied yes.The nurse ask her how can you say that when you never saw the room ? I just know I will. Acceptance is step one for peace in yourself.


  • G'day, and Merry X-mas and Happy new year.

  • Hope you have a Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!

  • Welcome and MERRY CHRISTMAS, as the others have said this is a great site to chat, ask questions, offer advice or just enjoy chatting with others. Great folks here. I'm Lynn, 68 and just getting DX.. have been getting many tests, mri's etc. Just told this week that I have MS, lesion in spine and lots of white spots in brain. Will be getting second round of mri's in April to determine if white spots are lesions or caused by something else..

    Keep on coming back!

  • Good to met you. Hang in there. Develop a plan for meeting challenges. Stay positive. Best of Luck (Blessings) to you.

  • Welcome, Helen! I am the old lady of the group at 69 and was DX about 30 years ago. I have experienced almost anything MS can throw at us, but the main thing for me is to stay positive and surround myself with positive people. You will find a lot of upbeat friends on this site!

  • Good to meet you. I am interested in your point of view. n I'm sure your experience has taught you a few things. I personally am starting a water exercise class on Jan 4. I really want to be stronger and have more stamina. I wanted to try that snowmobile trip but don't think I'm able. Would you do something like that?

  • I have found that keeping active has kept my MS at bay. I walk around the block with my walker swim laps, ride my adult trike and lift weights. As for your snowmobile trip, I would do a lot of research on the trip then discuss it with those closest to you. Only you can decide if the snowmobile trip is right for you!

  • Hi Helen!

    I just found this community a few days ago. I was diagnosed with RRMS 17 years ago and was told that I had probably had it for at least 10 years prior to that based on my first MRI series. I recently left work....couldn't do it anymore...and am applying for disability.

    Happy Holidays to you!

  • Welcome! I hope you find great friendship here and as much encouragement and support as I have found!

  • Hello Helen- I am a 67 yr medically retired dance teacher (BA degree). I have had an MS diagnosis for ~ 40 yrs, I live in AZ and have SPMS (secondary progressive). I began with R&R but progressed after about 10+ yrs, I have never had any of the ABC drugs and am currently in a W/C 24/7 - I hate to admit since there are so many young and new MSers here and I do not want to scare them - remember I have NOT had any of the ABC drugs that prevent/delay MS progression which is good for all of you to remember.

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