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dental work!


I have always hated, no HATED, dental work. This is probably because my childhood dentist said that I needed a number of permanent teeth removed due to my mouth being small (his words!). Mixed in with this was a trip to an orthodontist, another dental nightmare. Of course the wisdom teeth had to go, all four came out under a local anesthetic. At the end of the procedure my entire face was numb, making it impossible to swallow the much needed pain pills!

When the dental surgeon told me that my broken molar had to go, he gave me several options. I stopped him at the outset, and said "just put me in my happy place". He chuckled as I explained my long history of dental agony, and agreed to my happy place request.

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My wife had a terrible time with dentists when she was growing up. Eventually she has had all of her teeth removed and now has dentures and tickled pink no more dentists 👍. I have been pretty fortunate with my teeth and now go to Idaho State Dentistry school for care. They do great 👍🙏🐾Ken

It’s sad that you had so many bad experiences with dental care. I’ve had a few bad, but mostly good experiences. We sure do appreciate those truly gifted dentists!

I hope your procedure goes quickly and smoothly!

I know how you feel. I recently went to a dentist because I was impatient and desperate to get my teeth cleaned. I should have waited That dr aggressively cleaned my teeth and as a result they scrapped the pulp from around my front tooth and I got an infection. As a result my tooth became loose. When I said something they ignored me. So I went to another dentist (I wish I had gone to them at 1st). They told me I would have to have my tooth removed and have flipper put in. The kicker the insurance I have doesn’t pay for this( Medicaid)

When I filed a complaint on the 1st dentist they lied and said I never told them about my tooth and when I told my insurance that wasn’t true they still sided with them.


LeannEHI, I hate dental work too! But we do what we must to keep a very 1important part of our body intact. Are teeth in our gums in our mouth play such an important role in our General Health that even though I hate going to the dentist I make sure I take good care of my teeth and I have a good dentist to stay on top of things with them. I still hate going but I do it because I know I need to! Fancy.

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