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Ocrevus - 30 days later


I had my 2nd 1/2 dose of Ocrevus on July 14th and here's where I'm at 30 days later. (Full disclosure: I have no idea if any of this is related to treatment or not. who knows)

- mild tingling in left foot, which I had on and off in June depending on how active I am, is gone

- last week's trip to hot area (100 degree+) did not impact me at all. Same trip in May in same weather made me feel horrible - nauseous, floaters in my eyes, bad vision... so maybe progress?

- not so good is some mild electricity feelings in my left knee, that started 3 weeks ago. No pattern to it. Got worse as I traveled. Seems to disappear now that I'm back home.

(note that so far my symptoms have been mild and invisible despite 20+ lesions on 1st MRI leading to DX).

Next stop is neuro visit mid-September but I'm not expecting anything new or different out of it. What can he say? Next MRI is not until next January.

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It’s good to hear about some potentially good signs. Keep us posted please!

Hi Anaishunter, I' there with you - MRI "clean" last several years no changes but I haven't had one in one year, so time to slide in ( I have to humor myself sometimes) crying blurs the vision (and destroys good make -up).Smile

Will follow -up with my outcome-



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