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Royces newly Diagnosed guide 2 of ?​


My name is Royce, I have Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. I have enjoyed this experience for 20 years, and my goal is to provide YOU, the newbie, with the type of help that I wish I had of had back in the day. Understand that I am not a DR a Therapist a writer or any other type of professional, I am just an ms lifer.

All CAPS do not mean I am yelling at YOU, merely that I am trying to make a point, and have not worked out how to tell YOU, that this is important.

I will tell YOU personal things about myself and people I have met in my ms travels, so please do not be shocked this is normally just to make a point, and to let YOU know that I have been where YOU are. Still am in reality, so let's get started.

YOU have read my prologue so let's keep going. BEWARE of unscrupulous people and people trying to sell YOU that cure that YOU just have to have. Because it will CURE YOU if YOU just pay money. The pharmaceutical companies\whoever is just not telling anybody about it. Multiple Sclerosis (ms) has been around a long time, nobody has been cured. Reality is that it is not even known what causes it, though YOU can find all sorts of whacky and weird theories. I like my own actually. ms is a human illness, YOU are human so guess what YOU can have this one. Pretty easy really.

This is a DOABLE illness so I just DO I can cope, and I DO, so can YOU. So be careful with your money, chase dreams if YOU must, but understand they are VERY UNLIKELY to work.


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Thank you very much

And you will hear stories of those “cured”...the latest I’ve heard of is vitamins will take you from disabled to dancing!

For every cure, you will hear 3 stories of people with MS that so and so knows that’s still doing x,y, working.

Thank you for the truth, Royce!

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yes lots of snake oil salesman looking to take your last dollar

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