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Hello my name is Eveliz. I am 40 yrs young, married with 2 adult sons. I was dx. 4 wks ago with RRMS and was dx after complaining to my PCP of heavy feeling/discomfort in my left arm, leg & foot, migraines, muscle spasms & daily extreme fatigue. Since I struggle with managing my cholesterol appropriately my PCP ordered me to get an MRI of my brain, neck & spine to asure that I wasn’t having a stroke. Long story short I was referred to a numerologist for confirmation of dx. I received 5 day treatment of 1000mg of IV Solu Medrol & prescribed Copaxone 40mg.

Im currently still working full time; only took 3 wks off when dx & returned just this past wk. I’m still learning how to manage & use my energy appropriately which made this past week very difficult. My husband & sons are very supportive but I just don’t feel like they fully understand what I’m going through.

In the past wk, I’ve realized that meditating, taking as many 15-20 min breaks/naps as often as I can & sleeping 8-10 hrs a night has been somewhat a little helpful. I’ve always been the type of person that’s been on the move; working 2 jobs, taking care of everyone’s else, always busy. Now I’m lucky if I can get through my 7.5hr work day without falling apart. I just hope that as time goes on I’m able to learn how to to take better care of myself, recharge my energy & use it appropriately.

I’m new here so it’s nice that I can use my introduce myself & meet others who can understand what I’m going through.

Staying positive - Eveliz

16 Replies
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Eveliz hi 👋, sorry about your recent dx, it does take awhile for it to sink in. Please remember that it's just as difficult for your loved ones to take it in as well, and they all handle it differently. I am still trying to come to terms with it. It's a very complex, bewildering disorder. No 2 people are the same. That's why on here someone usually has experienced a similar symptom, but we are all different. The major things that we all have in common are fatigued, pain, looking drunk because of balance, falling and tripping, the list is endless. In saying that on here we try and help keep our spirits up, you can laugh, cry, vent, share interests, again the list is endless. So welcome and chip in any time. Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

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Eveliz Welcome to our crazy 😜 MS community . Sorry to meet this way😞. This is a great place for personal info for medications and life in general 🤗 We are all different in many ways, but have each other here 👍. Prayers are with you and your family 🙏 Ken

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Eveliz , I think jimeka said it all so well, but I'll add another welcome to a great place full of wonderful people. When our families can't understand, everyone here does.

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Eveliz . Welcome to our ever growing family. Sorry for why your here but glad you found us. jimeka pretty much said it all so well. So when you need us we’ll be here for you.

I was dx in April 2017 so I understand what you’re going thru. It’s a lot to process. But you’ve come to tge right place for answers and understanding.

God bless


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Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but welcome to a great place for support and information.

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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome.

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Hi Eveliz really nice to meet u i was diagnosed in Dec 2017 don't know what type yet. My neurologist wants me on his ward to have a lumbar puncture and iv steroids but no bed yet. It's the winter bed crisis in the UK it's the NHS. Really hope u are ok I'm still trying to get my head round it and its a lot to take in. Sending prayers and thoughts from across the pond to u and ur loved ones 💗

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Good Morning Eveliz 😊 Welcome! And Hi! They pretty much said it all, but I was feeling left out!😄

Like jimeka 🍫 said, it's a lot to take in for you! And I don't think any of us can fully understand what's going to happen one day to the next.😐 So give your family time, and communication!💕

MS sucks the energy out of you!😭 There are medications to help with that. Thank Goodness!!!😀 Talk to your Neuro or PCP😊

Jes 🌠

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Welcome Eveliz ! Sorry that you are having to go through this though. Learning to manage your energy can be a challenge but it can be done, somewhat. Remember to take care of yourself or you won’t be able to help care for your family.

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Sorry that you have been given this diagnosis, but at least you have one and knowledge is power. This is a good group in terms of encouragement and information. If you live in an area with a MS society, they have newly diagnosed groups and groups for the families of newly diagnosed and regular groups. When I first went 18 yrs ago, there were a lot of people who did not have the advantage of the drugs we currently have including steroids. While it was eye opener also saw the strength and determination it will see that here. Also the motto, I have MS but MS does not have me pretty good encouragement.

My children had a left the house so I had the luxury of refining my diet (which medical community initially denied relevance but now looking at microbiome). I did swank diet removing gluten milk and sugar doing more fruits and veggies. Really helped especially energy levels. There are a lot of programs that are similar now for a variety of issues and if can gently do with family hope all will benefit. Continue to exercise, yoga is good also.

I hope your journey has the support and encouragement of your family and friends and us. I continued to work until retirement. I chose not to tell last boss. Lost less time than other a little different story in terms of fatigue.

Peace and joy


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Good_enough in reply to Brindisi1

Speaking of diets. I'm still trying to be consistent with the Whal's Protocol diet, and I'm always too tired to stay on it.

But I wish I could've tried it in the earlier days when I had more clarity with focus and energy.


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Good_enough in reply to Good_enough

I recommend researching this diet

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Welcome to our group. I trust you will find us encouraging good friends. My suggestion is to do a lot of research on the MSAA website. It is a huge blessing to us in finding info on all kinds of issues involving our MS diagnosis. One further word regarding which kind of MS you have, my Neuro said that there is no test to determine which kind of MS you have, only your flares, and your conditions following them will determine that. Some people at the time of diagnosis may have more lesions than others, and that may give a better chance of predicting, but as for an actual test, none is yet available. I was put on Tecfidera as my Disease Modifying Therapy, and my Dr. said, that no matter which kind you have, if you have fewer flares on it, aren't you better off? As for your family adjusting and understanding, it takes them longer than it does us to get the picture. This is an "invisible disease." We may look good on the outside, but only we know how we're feeling. Your new #1 priority is to take good care of yourself! That includes resting when you feel tired. Our family members need to learn how to take care of themselves, and not depend on us!

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Eveliz Welcome to this great group of undemanding people! This is a great place of information (to share and to get), to vent if you need to, to ask questions. And to share things that are not even related to MS!

Look forward to meeting you,


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Welcome, I recently joined this group of amazing people as well :) I am currently still waiting for my diagnosis but this is a great place where they understand and give support!

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That MS Society has some literature for family and friends to read about the effects of a MS, that might be helpful. I think the one word of advice is to think that you have 10 marbles of energy for the day and to only use a few at a time so you don’t get overly fatigued. I was always a hard worker myself and if anything good came from this disease is that I learned take take better care of myself!

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