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Class Reunions


Okay, so how many of you went to a class reunion this year? I finally broke down and went to my #52 Reunion this year. I hadn't been to one since the 15th. Being from a small town of 1400 citizens at the time of my graduation, we had a huge class of 34. Only 8-10 of us were able to attend. We've actually lost a third of our class to death. All of our 8 Vietnam veteran's are still with us, and we thanked them. It was nice catching up with my pals. Even got a hug from my high school crush. (He never knew and still doesn't, going to keep it that way, too!) Picture is my friend Madeleine and I showing the last of our natural hair colors and the beginnings of our "Sparkly" hair. I'm the taller one.😊🏫💜💜💜 Can you tell our colors are Purple & White?!

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Great post 👍. Glad you shared🙏. We have not had one twenty six years 🤷🏼‍♂️. Maybe in a couple they will have a 50🤷🏼‍♂️. Nice that you were able to go and enjoy 😉. 🙏🐾😎. Ken

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Thanks, it was fun, but a long day. Hubby drove about 200 miles to get there and a little more on a more scenic route home. We were both tired on Sunday. I don't know if it's just a coincidence or a result, but lower legs and feet have been terribly numb and tingling on Monday and Tuesday. Could barely walk.


Aww what fun CalfeeChick I have never been to a class reunion. 🤔🤣 I'm glad you had fun!


The only class reunion I went to was my 10-year reunion. I don't think anything had been planned for anything after that or will be. I guess time will tell. So glad you were able to make it to your reunion and had fun! Great photo!


What a beautiful picture! My 50 year high school reunion is coming up in a couple of years and we are still debating if we want to go (hubby and I graduated the same year from the same school). None of our family is left in the small town we graduated from, and most of the people we'd want to see we still see on a fairly regular basis. Not sure we want to make the 1500 mile trip for this.

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Sounds like you may just want to gather those friends you see regularly and have a picnic day or gather for a dinner out instead of the 1500 mile trip. Either way, enjoy!

I went to mine last year. It was # 45. We had around 350 in our class. I can't remember anyone so I helped with check in and that helped with the names! I did, however, tell my old crush that I had a crush on him back then. He said, "You should have said something!" but I was to insecure back then to say something. Things worked out well and I ended up with the man for me (not from my school).

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I really enjoyed mine and glad we went. Thank goodness for those little name tags. There was only 1 classmate I didn't recognize. I figured I'd better go now because we don't know what the future holds.

I never wanted to go to a reunion. avoided them all. then on my 50th I most reluctantly attended and I was so happy to see everyone who was there. It was such a meaningful , lovely experience, it took me by complete surprise. We had a class of 27. Thanks for the reminder. also that sometimes I'm my own worst enemy in putting off some occasions.

CalfeeChick I am heading to my 50th this weekend. The class is gathering at a classmates camp on Friday night, then on Sat, night our high school will have their annual alumni banquet and will honor certain classes including ours. I have been to several other reunions, but this is the first since my MS diagnosis, and I am a bit nervous about hobbling in with my cane. But, my husband and I are taking a classmate (and my best friend) with us, and her husband died very unexpectedly a few weeks ago. So she and I have agreed to support each other, and once we are there we will be fine. by the way, we had a big 68 in our class, in the year '68!


Just go, have a good time. I didn't hardly recognize anyone because I hadn't even seen a picture of many of them. thank goodness for the dreaded name tags. I wouldn't of recognize many without the name tags. Once they started talking with me, many of the ladies were interested and had dated my older brother. I just found out that he had died when I went to tend my parents grave on Memorial Day. I turned around and discovered his grave with just the cemetery marker. We had lost contact after our parents had passed. I sent messages to his daughters with no response. I did eventually find a little info about his last years and passing.. I really took no pleasure in telling them that he had passed. I am looking forward to seeing pictures from our Facebook Group. Sure hope you have a good time. Treat yourself and your friend to a new hair and makeup, or do it yourselves. I had my husband stop at a rest stop just before entering our little town,(it's a 220 mile trip each way) I put on fresh clothes, did the hair and makeup, tried to just relax and let myself "shine." You do the same, relax and "Shine!" By the way, there were plenty of us with canes, mine was the prettiest!

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