You play, you pay!

You play, you pay!

Went to Willis reunion in Elizabethtown, Illinois, where Frank was born, on the Ohio River, been going for 45 years, couldn't stop now. Came home with new symptom of severe leg cramps, and my neck all messed up again to level #9 pain, but Frank thanked me for going, and putting on a happy face! Our bodies are such a facade, aren't they? But, I thank God I was able to go with him one more year. God is good.

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  • That’s a beautiful picture and wonderful memory for you!

  • agapepilgrim i love the photo. You both look so happy. Pleased that you made it to the reunion, despite the pain you were in. Blessings Jimeka 🌈 🦋

  • agapepilgrim

    Fantastic photo! Hope u feel better soon 🌈

  • agapepilgrim you both look Wonderful!💕😊

    J 🌠🎃

  • Great picture!

  • Great pic. Feel better soon.

  • It's a beautiful picture, agapepilgrim. ❤️ Ah, the things we do for those we love. I hope the memory of your husband's happy face is all that lingers after the pain and symptoms subside. 💕

  • Tutu nothing is subsiding; only worse. My legs are so spastic I haven’t slept for 2 nights, even with sleeping pills, muscle relaxants, and listening to sleep meditations. The Tecfidera seems to make me worse. Finally got tested yesterday (after 2 months of demanding) and if positive definitely stopping it. My daughter said it is making me worse also. Actually wants to drive down to my next appt to tell the neuro herself (but doesn’t want me to come up and visit-go figure!). Anyway, the nausea won’t stop so I am scheduled for hospital and upper GI Monday. He things I may have nerve damage in stomach. (Why not, MS has destroyed nerves everywhere else. 🙃.. thanks for the encouragement.

  • I've missed the last few days here (again due to grandkids and just doing too much), so I am late reading this, agapepilgrim. I am guessing you have the upper GI this coming Monday? And you ought to take your daughter up on her joining you/taking you to see your neuro. It sounds as though she is concerned for you and what the Tecfidera may be doing to you. Continuing to 🙏 for you. 💕

  • Tutu hi nope, no upper GI, called back. Insurance didn’t approve. Gotta wait for out of of networkapproval papers-2 week’s. Had appt with pain clinic Nov 4th, called insurance, no coverage, gotta wait 2 weeks for approval. Just started crying couldn’t stop. Buried in pilllows til calmed down and said okay God out of my hands. Asked my daughter if she was coming down and she said no was just sending him papers to sign regarding me and wanted them signed by next appt. (Prob wants legal right to make decisions without my permission. Lol) thanks for prayers praying for you, also

  • Gee, agapepilgrim, I am stunned by all the setbacks and 'closed doors.' I don't know what to say except I am truly sorry and pray that things turn around for you. Something has to! 💕

  • agapepilgrim Great photo of the 2 of you! Glad you were able to attend one more year. Sorry that you are having so much pain afterwards. Hopefully you feel better soon.

    Gentle hugs,


  • agapepilgrim That is a lovely picture of you and your husband. It looks like a beautiful setting in which to grow up. So sorry that you are feeling so badly and hoping it will improve soon!

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