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Some more of your million things to do, also for walkers


G'day again msERs. I hope YOU all slept restfully, not too many aches and pains. This is really a primer for those of YOU lost confused and overwhelmed, and for those who just sometimes, just need a little reminder. Though I sometimes number things this really is in no order, so do it at your own discretion.

3. EXERCISE, if YOU do not already, start. I understand that some people have a block and will make all sorts of excuses. That is okay, I am just telling YOU what has worked for me over the last 19 years, yes 19 I actually bothered to look it up last night. I m a few months short of 20. I get to retire soon, want to come to the party there will be cake & ice cream?

Okay, exercise. CORE work and FUNCTIONAL exercises. Squatting several times body weight is actually pretty useless. Again learned from experience. I have done some pretty odd things over the years. Core work keeps me stable, sit straighter, and perhaps most importantly get me out of bed and up off the floor. I certainly do not have an 8 pack and YOU can not bounce a quarter off my stomach, but I can sit up and move. Practice requires no more than legs under the sheet and sit up, repeat. Easy, if I can YOU can. Good thing it is free as well, no equipment required.

Next time take the steps UP, elevators are for going down. We are disabled not totally silly. Do YOU see, with a little thinking YOU can keep yourself functioning, as I am told: "if YOU do not use it YOU will lose it". Some things YOU just lose and that's ok, but standing up is not one of them, so start doing some exercise and stretching as YOU wait for that great new treatment that I know YOU are going to get.

Of course, YOU are lost as what to do. Go online and look at a few YouTube videos, go to the library and get an exercise book. OPEN it and look at the pictures. Do this a few times, ask questions, and YOU will start to build yourself a database of things that YOU can do. Do YOU see, everything YOU are doing is building YOU up. Giving YOU skills knowledge and most importantly CONFIDENCE to keep on walking and do ms well. it is there for the taking, YOU build your base strong and when ms turns left YOU can cope because YOU have successes and achievements. Your bank of good things is full for if YOU ever need to draw on it, that 3 am withdrawal is covered.

There is more, lots that YOU will find, lots that suits YOU. Perhaps YOU just get an idea of how YOU can do something. That is always the aim, observe, adapt and then overcome. Wow we are almost special forces, aren't we? :-)


Observe adapt learn then DO

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Totally agree there Royce, rhanks for the reminder! Greatlt needed.😉👍👍👍😻😃Blessings---Jazzy


thank you

Thank you, I am struggling with this and I know it is so true. I keep telling myself. I needed this pep talk

I understand but struggling makes it worse, just one step at a time, YOU can do it just slow down and go easy on yourself.

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