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Test results from Tecfidera blood work

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I received the results yesterday of the blood test results. Everything looks good except I noticed that the numbers of Lymphocytes Absolute have gone down each year for the last 3 years and it was at .80 the other day and the range is 1.10 - 4.00 K/uL. Haven't received a call from my neuro about this yet though. Past results were 2.02 then 1.63.

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Can you explain what this means? Thank you blessings Jimeka 🦋 🍫

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bxrmom in reply to jimeka

I had to look it up, and it is best explained here: effectivediagnosis.org/abso...

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Buddy2009 in reply to bxrmom

I know my numbers gotten low, they had me take the blood test for the jv or jvc virus not sure of the lettering but your nuero knows about it, it did say that I do have the virus and the number of the virus was a little high so he took me off the tecfidera.

Good Luck with whatever you need to do.

UPDATE! Sent a message to my Neuro's office about the bloodwork results last night and his nurse called me back this morning and he is not worried about the number I am at right now because it is close to normal right now.

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RoseySawyer in reply to bxrmom

That's good news! 😊❤🌷

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bxrmom in reply to RoseySawyer

I thought so too! The nurse said they would DEFINITELY call me if the number was too low ;)

That's why I had to stop taking Tecfidera. Mine dropped like a stone! Good luck.

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