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Tired of feeling depressed

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I really need to seek out best way to help and overcome with feeling bummed and depressed with the effects of how MS has made me feel. It’s taken a lot of joy out of what I have taken for granted, simple things for me like walking, mowing lawn,simple stuff walking up steps using hands to fix things. I just bought a electric wheel chair.And it’s not healthy for a relationship, as most don’t understand what a person feels inside. Sad thing is no medications can relieve symptoms. I think I vented enough , but just wish everything would get better just end. Where is the cure ?

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I am with you on this, as I am sure many of us on here are. People don’t understand, I know my hubby tries to but until you live with it yourself, it is hard to understand. We all progress at different rates. It is hard to live with and accept, especially when you have to ask someone for help, to do something that you were quite capable of doing. I used to do all the painting and decorating, taking the curtains down, washing them, hanging back up, but now I sit and watch the dust gather. It’s frustrating, but as Jesmcd2 says, we have to find something or someone to smile about. Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🍫

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I feel the same, it just has to get better 😊

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Hi Gcann61 I am so sorry your feeling this way. 🙁 Depression is not something I take lightly and please, don't you either! It's not a good place to be!

MS and depression seem to go together. So Please, PLEASE please, talk to your health care team about it! ☺ There are meds to help you get thru it.

Surround yourself with things that make YOU Smile! Not anyone else, just you! Decorate your chair! You need to use it, make it YOURS! Give it a name, a personality. 😄

And communicate with your hubby! ☺💕 Sometimes it's hard to say what's going on, and getting them to understand. But we have to remember that, it's hard for us to keep up, imagine how it is for them..🤗💕

Most of all? Feel free to vent away! 😄



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My hubby and I have what we call the "chalk board" moment as we envision putting our ailments, pains and issues on an imaginary chalk board. We have different invisible medical issues. The Chalk Board moment is a way for us to voice our issues to each other. We get out in the open so each other is aware of how the day is going for each of us.

For sooooooo vvverrrryyy looooong, I just remained quiet about my symptons as I was not officially diagnosed for 25 years. It is a hard habit to break, but is helpful for both the person who declares their issues and for the person who hears them. Our symptoms are difficult to explain. In the past, I just sort of grinned and beared it so to speak, which was not healthy but it is the way I coped. I still do keep my ailments to myself most of the time, however, the chalk board moment is an opportunity to share if I choose to do so.

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Thanks for the encouragement !

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These ladies sure have some great ideas, and I agree with them. I can only say I was fortunate to pray with my pastor and just gave MS to God. Sure I deal with progression and know I see the sign of it in myself daily. People don't understand and it's amazing that my friends have dropped me like a hot potato.. At least, with MS, You learn who your true friends are. Most of them are right here on this forum. I looked up some info for you to check out and maybe some of it will help you. Just remember, we are here for you!


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Gcann61 in reply to CalfeeChick

Thanks for your reply, I think I need a different DMT

I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. As was stated, it is nothing to be trifled with. I suffer gravely from some dark days. I have considered suicide more than once, but always reach out for help. I could never do that to my children and grandkiddies. I still have lots of living to do. I have recently been setting lots of new goals, and that is very helpful. I have PPMS, and basically feel like poop most of the time. But I keep fighting. Another thing that really helps me is to do things for others in need. It restores my spirit. Let us know how you are doing, you have found a family here. Love, Kelly

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Thanks for reply, right now I think I just need a partner women that is supportive and can be/ give me positive surroundings. It’s so very difficult for them to understand how your body feels as they don’t really understand, I was once like that and wish nobody to ever feel this way! I really think it’s my current DMT and might be a good time to change as I Have progressed worse each day on this DMT. I just hope for change soon

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CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to Gcann61

We are here fore you.

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