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Feeling Accomplished


46 lbs down on my 90 day Wahls Protocol Anniversary, 7 weeks Tysabri free, and in less pain with improved walking. I'm so happy that I finally made the choice to start making healthy decisions. It was not a difficult choice to make such a drastic lifestyle change. I want to be here healthy for my grandchildren, not just here for them to push me around in a wheelchair...

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Hidden 46lbs is amazing! Great Job!!!!! Also, sounds like you have the right motivation!!!!

I will keep praying!


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Thanks so much Rob. Hugs

@woadij Wow! Good for you! It is so hard for me to lose weight even though I do try.


Hidden, hurrah for you! I'm thrilled for you and admire your tenacity!

Congrats!!! And I have a question for you: how closely do you follow Wahls ??

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Thank you. I'm watching very closely. To me , lots of cheating isn't worth it . I've eaten no gluten or sugar in 93 days & I truly don't miss it. I have eaten a bit of cheese & sour cream as a treat twice. I crave healthy foods now so a little treat goes a long way.

Hidden Congratulations on sticking with the Wahls, what level of the diet do you follow? I follow Wahls myself, bouncing around between the first & second levels, but I am trying to be more disciplined to see if I can get a better result. The progression of my MS has not stopped (I have SPMS and am not on any med except Ampyra). But I do believe the diet helps me.

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Hello, Technically I'm on 2 but I eat a few tomatoes in my guacamole & an occasional sweet potato . I also take a cayenne pepper supplement & that doesn't seem to bother me. I'm eating 3-4 fermented foods daily so that kind of moves me in the 3 category. I'm just trying to eat as healthy as possible. I can feel that I'm getting better so that's all the incentive that I need. Good luck & be well :)

Congratulations. After being disabled in 2006 I gained a lot of weight. Got up to 324 lbs. About 3 years ago I had prostate problems and had to use catheters for a few months and due to water loss I started losing weight and feeling better so I started really working on weight loss. Had surgery for prostate problem Got rid of Cath but continued working on my weight and lost a total of 115 lbs. Changed my life. I had so much energy I couldn't believe it. I suffered with fatigue for years. But then came MS and stole all that energy away. After all these years of fighting fatigue it now is my life. But life goes on. I am blessed that I'm not suffering any major debilitating symptoms so I thank God everyday that I'm still walking around although a little crooked and sideways sometimes I'm still blessed. But if I hadn't lost that weight I would be in so much more trouble now dealing with this monster ms. Thank you Lord for watching over me. Good luck on your weight loss. You'll never be sorry. God bless


Thanks & Congratulations to you too. I'm glad you're doing better over all. I'm losing about 2 lbs a week & I'm happy with that for a total of 47 . Looking forward to being in the 115 club :) Have a great weekend & God Bless.



Thanks so much :)

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