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Good morning. At this challenging moment in YOU'RE illness, YOU may feel weak, I understand. YOU feel scared, I understand. At this moment I understand YOUR emotions. I was once there. I would say to you, " It will be okay, do not let this break you, just BEND like the bamboo, BEND. YOU can DO this"

For each of us, ms is different, but we all have found a way to survive. You just must relax, calm down and think of a way that suits YOU, and start your surviving.

Take your Disease Modifying drugs (DMT), that will slow your diseases progression down, and give YOU time. Time to get your head together. to, learn, plan and start what needs to be done Slowing our illness is the best thing that you can do to start this journey. For a journey it is, find somebodies hand to hold. A long trip is always better with a companion, later you may feel that YOU can travel alone or even help somebody along their path. This is very good, it helps YOU and it helps them.

Learn some of the available science about your illness. Learn to listen, to HEAR, to speak when YOU need to. Most of all LEARN to accept that illness happens just because. I am not saying surrender but after 20 years a stalemate is always good. Total defeat does not have to be an option for YOU. There are many resources available to you, find them learn from them, get a move on take my hand we have a very long journey ahead of us.

So make a CHOICE, let's DO what needs to be done and make it as EASY on ourselves as we possibly can.


19 or 20 years RRms

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