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Getting back motivation!?


How do you get back your motivation and strength? Will this happen once I start copaxone? Are there other ways to do this.

My neurologist prescribed me Effexor 37.5mg which I haven’t started yet because I hate drugs that mess with your mind and feelings. While I do feel depressed I have every reason to considering what has been going on the last few months - not just diagnosis things- I also have found myself in the- no this can’t be happening to me, tests must be wrong, this can’t be right- stage of denial/acceptance with very little acceptance going on, lots of self pity tons of denial and I feel like my life as I knew it is over-I’m stuck in this I can’t do anything I used to do mindset. I’m sure this all plays into what one feels like doing or can/can’t do. I’m trying to power through it the best I can but I feel like it’s a losing battle.

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Everyone deals with their diagnosis differently, but I’d say we all can understand where you’re at. It can be a real roller coaster, but the good side of that is that you’ll have some very up days, too. I hope you can be patient with yourself during these early days. You haven’t started treatment yet, and the DMTs can reduce your chances of relapse or greatly slow progression. Depression can do a number on our thinking CBD and make it harder to do the things that move us toward better health emotionally and physically. Treating depression can help us cope better.

Please stay in touch here and vent all you like. We can’t fix any problem, but it has helped me to come here and know that everyone really understands. I don’t feel alone with MS.

You’re in my prayers.

drnikki in reply to greaterexp

I remember feeling the same way when I was diagnosed over 20 years ago. Other than the depression-which I am not minimizing, what other symptoms do u have? Is it your mindset or physical limitations stopping you? I know for me it was the latter. I am in the mental health/addiction field and I understand your concern about the effexor-only you can make that choice. I hope you start to get back to your old self soon...

I’m not sure whether it’s physical or emotional/mindset at this point. I have days where I feel like I can do anything but at the same time feel just mentally drained which I guess translates into physical so I don’t bother. I have spent many years being concerned about my health only to have doctors tell me I’m fine until recently when I got a PCP that actually listened which lead to my diagnosis, while I feel somewhat vindicated by what my body has been telling me having my diagnosis I feel like I’m stuck in the something is wrong way of thinking. Which has me locked in this fear of everything mentality and I hate it. I would say it’s almost agoraphobia to a point. I do get out and about but I don’t like driving anymore cause I almost don’t like being alone for the fear of some episode of severe vertigo or another panic attack that causes extreme exhaustion. This is not me I used to hike in the backcountry for days at a time and loved being alone but now the thought causes me extreme stress. I miss me ALOT!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m a fighter always have been but this I just can’t seem to get over.

When I was first diagnosed I was 27 and in the middle of planning my wedding (first one) :). I was diagnosed with rrms and my symptoms were pins and needles in my legs and blurry vision. I went through 10 days of steroids and the symptoms were gone. I was terrified about the future and my neurologist told me to live my life as if I did not have MS. That was the best advice he could have given me. I was and still am mobile and I continue to work be a mom and drive. I take aubagio and see my neurologist when needed. Like I have said before. ME is something you have NOT who you are...Hope this helps


drnikki in reply to drnikki

MS is something you have....HATE FRICKIN AUTO CORRECT

Sandydemop in reply to drnikki

Hi @drnikki

I admire your +attitude. I also work in MH/addiction. Diagnosed 8 years. Working part rime. I have a lot to be grateful for but sometimes I slide into poor me. Yesterday I had pins& needles when I was at an event and was really ticked MS keeps reminding me its there.

drnikki in reply to Sandydemop

There but not winning...My thighs remind me I need to lose weight but I still wear shorts...😂😂😂

Keep up your positive attitude...

Sandydemop in reply to drnikki

I like the idea it’s something I have not who I am.


Hey Jeremyhess1980 I get, I was there 3 yrs ago.

As greaterexp says, it' a roller coaster ride, and everyday is a new ticket.

MS and depression seem to like each other. Grrr. But they Don't work well together.

Someone told me once, when I first started coming here, When you wake up, take stock in what you have, and what you Can Do today. And go from there.🙄

It kinda works.😅


Ps I'm on enough effexor to sink a ship. Or at least dose one.🤣

Sandydemop in reply to Jesmcd2

Effexor works for my depression but it’s very rough to get off of. I ran out recently and about 4 days (weather related) later I couldn’t stop crying.

Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to Sandydemop

Sandydemop I am on a high dose of it, when I 1st moved into this apt. It was me, my dog, a chair, a bed and boxes.

No effexor. And my Dr went out of town. Almost 2 wks. It wasn't pretty.

I was a complete mess! 😟😂😣🤤


Sandydemop in reply to Jesmcd2

I wish I could say I can’t relate 😬. How much do you take? I’m thinking about switching to another SNRI but I haven’t done the research. 2 weeks is a Very long time to be in that state❗️

A friend came to repaint my kitchen one time. I was sitting in the recliner watching television. He said to me, get up off your arse and help me out here. You'll never get strong again if you don't get up and make yourself strong again. It worked. I believe it's the only way. There is no pill, no drug. You have to rebuild your muscles.

This is just MY PERSONAL experience. If you don't like drugs, do NOT take Effexxor. The withdrawals are a b*%$h to go through. (I got sick of all the pills I was prescribed for all my symptoms PRE-MS dx so I quit cold bueno!!!). I've been on Prozac, of all things, and I can't even tell I'm taking anything. Except my anxiety is a little more manageable and I'm not quite as 'down'.

As far as getting back motivation once on Copaxone.....again, just MY experience...I was expecting to feel so much better. Not the case. I feel pretty much the same. But I haven't had a relapse in a year and a half. So that's comforting. My hubby asked my Neuro how long it would take for my symptoms to go away and for me to start feeling better after I started my injections. She informed him that it doesn't work like that. It works to stop progression, not to alleviate all the accumulated symptoms. I still have MS, after all, there isn't currently a cure.

I hope I didn't just bash your hopes. Because there is so much still to be thankful for in life. And to know that you FINALLY know what's wrong and it's no longer a guessing game is half the battle. Get involved w/ communities like this one. Stay in touch w/ other MS'ers and you'll feel comforted most of the time and everyone on here is GREAT at helping one to stay positive and see there is life after MS! Stay strong, you got this!!! ;)

Depression is such a hurdle and there are so many drugs out there. I take Zoloft and it helped so much banishing my doom&gloom thinking. If I could hit the gym and work out, I think that would be helpful as well but the exhaustion from MS always discounts that idea.

My mind is still a rollercoaster on my MS subject. I try not to let it control my life. Every single day is different for me. I was Diagnosed October 29, 2015 and it still bothers me. I live with it and take it day by day. It's hard because I suffer from ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar and of course my MS. When I was paralyzed, it sucked. I'm just so very thankful I'm walking now. My moods everyday are different but I think I can manage. I hope all gets better for you. You CAN DO IT!!! 😊❤🌷

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