I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. People there will ask questions. I went there just to get an older mustang that was getting restored for years registered. While I was there I just got my license renewed. The man said "what's up with the walker ". I said MS and he denied my renewal until I got a doctors release which must be renewed every frickin year. I have a very young MS friend who got temporarilydouble vision and went to the DMV for a disabled placard and they did the same thing. Obviously we all need to be safe for us and others but do not give out information to the DMV Nazis if not needed. Just a heads up my friends.

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  • Thanks here in MA you can renew your license over the internet only so many times my license is good for 5 years The next time I think I have to go in and get it renewed. I’ll see what happens next time???

    I truly hate this monster

  • I would have said knee operation. Hate the monster too. Xxoo

  • I’ll have to think about that one

  • That’s BS💩 we do our best to do what’s right and know when it is time to give up driving 😡 Don’t judge a book by the cover . Did you get your doctors ok and get your license ? Hope so 🙏

  • Yes thank you. But I have to redo once a year and my GP said my neurologist has to do the ok. I fired him. So I am scrambling. Plus no doctor wants to be liable for a car accident . I don't blame them. And it is absolute B.S. I was so angry and pissed off and hurt. It took me 3 times to pass the written. LOL now! The written is designed to trick you. It's not normal driving situational questions. I have never had a ticket or accident. I'm not unintelligent (I hope). Ok I might not have studied the first two times but come on. There were a lot of kids crying because they had failed so many times. It was so bizarre.

  • Yeah my son failed few times too!!! I recently gave up driving on my own. I know when I can drive and when I can't. I honestly hate this MS!!! I received a text anonymous that said I am a burden on my family. I have never asked for their help. I called the suicide hotline tonight cuz I am afraid of snapping. I have progressive MS and it's wearing me down financially physically and emotionally!!!! I have a hard time getting around on this site. I'm changing health insurance companies in January and that will help A LOT!!! I have Medicare and Medicaid insurance. I just have to figure out how to tap into the resources I need. I also have pneumonia. On round 3 of antibiotics and steroids. I'm at my wits end. I'm very lonely and no family around except my alcoholic dad. Since hurricane Irma hit I have been struggling.

    I'm sorry about the DMV. That's sooo wrong. I pray for everyone!!!

    Thank you for listening to me.

  • doveflyfree thats so awful about the text!! If your family thinks you are a burden then they are the ones being crappy. That’s what family is supposed to do, help take care of each other. Please try to tap into social services offered in your community. There has to be a charity or a church or even an assistive living facility that can help you out.

    What town do you live in? I can see what’s available for you and point you in the right direction for some help.

    You just need a boost, a helping hand my friend. Let me help you out!

  • Hi Qt314grl !!

    Thank you for your support and concern about me. I live in port Richey Florida. I'm supposed to see a social worker next week from my home health care. I'm praying he really helps me. I have to change health insurance companies cuz I require more care since my last MS relapse. I contacted MS Society and they are supposed to call next week. Called MS Foundation but very confused about their programs and grants. I definitely need help with copay for counseling it's $40 a session and I literally don't have it. I need help with bladder pads. I never have or will ask my family to help. My income is $746 monthly and $350 covers rent bills included. In January I will have better insurance without copays. In my life prior to MS I was the one that gave to people in need. I'm struggling asking for help. I want to stay in my home but require help sometimes. Not 24/7 care. I worked in a domestic violence shelter and I was an advocate for many years. I love helping people. I'm trying to get help for me but I don't like myself right now. My name is Shawn Elswick and I am 43 years old. I feel lost lonely and very confused about resources. I have worked sooo hard in my life!!! I have progressive MS and it's wearing on me. I need to get the fight back in me. I literally don't know how!!! I'm praying everyday that I can find help for myself. I still have pneumonia and it's been a month. I know that's not helping. 7272473474 is my phone number. You're welcome to call me or text. If your not comfortable it's okay. I just don't get around this website very well. I really appreciate you listening and caring about me!!!! I'm praying for you too!!! I have to remember that God works in mysterious ways!!! I really hope I didn't share too much!!!

    Thank you for helping me with listening to me!!!! You're awesome!!! I appreciate you more than you know!!! Thank you!!!! Please don't spend much time on me. I would feel bad.

    Have a blessed day!!!!

    I do know how to get a message. Thank you very very much!!! Just listening is priceless!!!

  • @doveflyfree it sounds like you’ve made some great steps forward by contacting those entities and having a social worker visit. I encourage you to just hold on until you can get your support system lined up.

    I’m going to do a little research on resources available to you in your area as well. I’ll see what I can find.

    Just know we understand how hard it can be. Call the suicide hotline again and again if needed, ok?

  • I found these for you doveflyfree

    Daystar Hope Center – Meet with a counselor. You may be able to access food, clothing and other items from the on-site store, receive help with prescription medicine, rent (if funds available), utilities, and other necessities as requested. 15512 Highway 301, Dade City, FL 33523, dial (352) 523-0844

    The Mid Florida Community Services, Inc. is located at 14446 7th Street in Dade City, Florida 33523. Call (855) 643-3567. The agency will do its best to meet the needs of the community or refer people to resources.

    United Way of Pasco County can help point you in the right direction if you're not sure who to call or where to go for assistance. Their operators can provide information, referrals, telephone counseling and crisis intervention services. To reach United Way, simply dial 2-1-1 on your telephone.

    Hope at least one of these can get you pointed in the right direction!

  • Thank you very very very much Qt314grl

  • I really appreciate you listening and caring about me!!! You're absolutely awesome!!! Thank God for you!!! I will call every resource startingright now!!! You're an Angel watching over me!!! I hope we stay in touch!!! If you send me a message I can chat with you!!! I'm just learning this site!!!

    I hope you have a blessed day!!

    Love, Shawn female

    This is for Qt314grl

  • doveflyfree , think of your name and don't despair. Sounds to me like you're very depressed. Depression often accompanies MS. and even though I only was diagnosed with MS 7 yrs ago I've had depression most of my life . I even had one suicide attempt when I was much younger and my kids were very young. You should seek help quickly. Most communities have mental health facilities which will help you. Forgot about that anonymous letter. It was meant spirited and if the jerk who sent it really meant it or had any guts (s)he would have put a name to it. And being with an alcoholic father is not what you need right now. It's time to take care of yourself. Try every community resource available and don't give up. That is why we all pay taxes. Best of luck and keep on pushing until you get the help you need.

  • Do you live in California. I've been with Kaiser and am happy with them. I have SPMS

  • You must be in a different area of CA than me! I live in the Sacramento area and Kaiser doesn't have a single MS doctor or nurse here. There is ONE in SF but she won't see anyone outside her area. I have PPMS and non of the neuros here have any idea outside of basic knowledge. My first neuro told me to look up on line and tell him what I wanted to take for medication! (I do love all of my other doctors though)

  • I have to ask you can you look up different doctors the reason being I used to have this Great neurologist He was at BETH ISRAL deaconess hospital in Boston his name is Dr. Kinkle I love that doctor but he has moved to San Francisco area I’m not sure which hospital is with now. The reason why he left was that his family had moved out to California so he decided to leave to. I’m just saying if you can look up doctors try to find him Dr. Kinkle.

    Good luck 👍

  • MSShine I live in Orange County, CA and you are right. I had two other Neuros who said they were MS specialist, until Kaiser actually got one. I am in North Orange County and she is in South Orange County. Only 30 miles away compared to where you live. They are real tough to find, especially the good ones. I consider myself lucky.

  • Here in Texas they have u fill out paperwork when u renew that asks if u have any neurological issues that prevent u from driving and i always answer “no”. They have never denied me even wen i walk in with a cane. Wen i got my placard they were super sweet. I almost started to cry and said “ok this makes it so much more real now”. They didnt ask me what my handicap was but the woman said her husband has one for his back pain and only uses it wen he feels he needs it. She said “its gonna be ok honey”

    I am totally glad i live in where i do

  • Midgey, you have just instilled kindness to my heart and humanity....TY for sharing.

  • That's too bad. Glad I did mine by mail this last time.

  • TY SometimesCrazy, Makes me angry it happens but yip, now I'm real careful to whom i let know i have MS.My husband doesn't talk about it either afraid he will lose his job.I would have handled it like this...and how many tickets have YOU gotten or YOUR accident report the attendant.My dad for years drove with macular degeneration.My mom would have feet on stop and start, she would tell him if it was a green signal etc.He had 3 accidents in a month, parked cars, one a semi.The DMV wouldn't call him in for a test after i and my sister had told them he was a harm to people.....

    I'm gonna check and see about renewal on line...good idea!

  • Ya know the more i think on it - isnt against HIPPA laws for them to ask you about your medical history? If ur doctor thinks u r ok to drive the DMV has no rite to say squat

  • When I got my first license in Arizona, I had a note from my neurologist in Florida that said that I needed a disabled license plate for my car because of MS. The lady was very kind and said that they're not supposed to take notes from out of state docs but she did it anyway. No questions about my ability, no anything. I knew that I was going to like it here!

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