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One day, a long time ago there WAS a disease called MS that was cured...

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I write today that I pray we live to see a cure for diseases as MS, that the knowledge we gain now those little grandbabes, techy kids, MIT students to be born, the compassionate austistic brilliant child WILL find a cure.It takes us all.It takes the patient, docs, compassionate people who serve, our Maker, and the list goes on.Today I will be saying grateful prayers for each of you and those in life.To the NEWBYS....we are here.For the oldies but goodies...prayers peace love

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That would be a nice thing if someone said to me we have found a cure for this disease.

So know one else would have to go through what I had to deal with.

Wouldn't that be marvelous? I'm grateful for the treatments for symptoms and the DMTs we now have, but a cure sure sounds a lot better!

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ssdw1958 in reply to greaterexp

That would be a great day if that would happen, it sure would be a nice dream I would hope I would keep on dreaming that dream.

I stand with you jackiesj, believing for the answers to your prayers! I pray, too, that all the money these drug companies are making will get into the hands of those who are seeking the Cure, not treating the symptoms.

Great post Jackiesj. The kids are the future for cures of all the diseases we all suffer thru. I pray that we all see and hear of these cures in our life times. I truly believe that cures for many are out there but are hidden because it's more profitable to treat than to cure. I hope I'm wrong but that's my honest belief. God bless our children and their future .


jackiesj This is a fun post! Imagining a time when MS is a thing of the past!

It reminds me of a t-shirt I bought and, on it, it says:

"Looking forward to the day when M.S. stands for Mystery Solved."

😊 what a glorious day that would be!

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