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One step showing scientific proof that diet impacts MS

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I've been puzzled and almost annoyed that my neuro did not recommend any change in diet (I took it on my own). We all know the reasons why: there has not been "scientific" proof yet that a specific diet will have a positive impact on a majority of MS patients. There have been many studies, many contradictions and doctors are still at a loss about what to tell their patients and therefore, they say nothing.

Maybe this new research is one baby step towards better mindshare and scientific based data for diet-driven adjustments and looking at what we put in our guts.


(some will argue that it's because of big pharma making Billions of dollar on MS treatments. My personal opinion is that during the acute phase of MS inflammation, DMD is needed to prevent damage and diet is just not enough. Long term, it might be different. This is just my opinion and is by no means medical advice.)

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It blows me away that my neuro didn't address diet.

Agree with your opinion

I agree that a good diet helps. I cut alot of sugar (especially Soda) and I can feel the difference in my body & energy. 😊❤🌷

they never address it because it is likely to be in the to hard basket, but I completely agree it just makes sense. Look at the effectiveness of pharma medicines and people are hesitant about using them a diet strategy might just be way to hard for some.

Good article. I hope this research moves forward soon 👍

Good article anaishunter. I’m with you about thinking we may need both DMD’s and diet to control MS.

Doctors have to get the majority of their nutrional training outside of medical school so often aren’t well-versed nor comfortable with that topic. It’s well known that it is not a topic that is well covered in medical school. Hopefully this will change as more is learned about the affect of diet on the immune system and various diseases.

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Yup this is the article that Hidden posted yesterday! Personally, I listen to what my body needs. I eat whole grains, and fruits, and meat. And water! No soda. But I won't deny myself the occasional chocolate either! anaishunter if you can figure out how to listen to what your body needs, I don't think you need a diet. My opinion.🤗💕


I'm a firm believer in diet. My neuro told me of Dr. Terry Whal's years ago. I've only been getting better. My voids in my vision from optic neuritis 7x has gone! So has my cane I used for the past 5-1/2 years! Now, if I could only get rid of......! Still working on it! It's been over 5 years since my last relapse, and my neuro told me he doesn't expect I will be getting any more. (Diet or Age?)

Simply do your best at the Wahl's diet, paleo diet, anti-processed food diet... Doesn't mean you have to avoid ever tasting whatever you crave ever again, just focus on the good stuff. Diligently! Make that chocolate filled croissant a real treat, an annual event, and eat your veggies!

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anaishunter Excellent post. I have posed so many nutrition and supplement questions to my neuro that she finally referred me to a doctor who will look at the nutritional and supplement approach with regards to my 'ms'. I will post something about that soon. :-D

My neuro and I discussed diet and MS and, as you say, there are way too many conflicting studies out there. She said she doesn't endorse any specific diet but does believe in low fat, low carb, heart healthy diet. She admits that, until better research is available, each individual needs to do their diet like they do their DMD - it is different for each one of us.

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carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to dearydear57

Yes, dearydear57 we are our own best advocate, and a good medical team is essential as well. :-D

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