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Messed up but trying.....Family search

OK giving it a shot.I have erased so many names but not gonna be discouraged...much....

I got DNA results and yes I'm Heinz Family Search is free for anyone and I am doing a little if I am up a bit, too much and I may add myself to a different family...sheesh.MS brain works....but 1/2 as much here...Tip..have food and water handy! I have found some cute notes on ancestors by is really sweet...

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Sounds like it will keep you very busy jackiesj not to mention all the cool stuff you will find out.😊

Jes 🌠

P.S. If you find out some good stuff you have to share😉


I've always wanted to do some ancestry exploration on my Dad's side. We have my Mom's back to England and the American Revolution. My daddy's mom was supposedly abandoned by his dad in appprox. 1907-8. She remarried and he was adopted by new Dad whose name he carried. We never found any adoption or even birth records for my Dad. Small country areas in Texas barely kept any records that long ago. When my dad applied for Social Security my family found some very old church records of his baptism before he could collect benefits. Very interesting.


I ended up finding out that my mother's parents were actually second cousins. My mother and her brothers did not know this. What's funny is my grandfather did not like my grandmother's side of the family.

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