I have my family !

I have had MS for the last 4 years, probably more. My injections during that time, have stabilized me. I am doing ok. I have loved my x-wife for over 40 years, and have been loving my domestic partner for the last 9 nine years…but MS was was too much of a burden. I now have my loving daughter, her husband, who I treat as my son, and our 2 little granddaughters who are so beautiful. I now live for my family. Jordan


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  • Jordan1111, you are indeed a fortunate, blessed man!

    Having lived with MS for a long time, you have much you can share with others here. We're happy you are here (though not happy it's due to MS). I hope you find this a great place to share information, your joys, challenges, and to encourage others. I also hope you make new friends here as I have. Welcome! 💕

  • Jordan1111 , Welcome to you and your positive attitude! I truly believe MS can rob us of many things, including a positive attitude!

  • thanks. jordan

  • Welcome to our world jordan. You've come to a great place. Wonderful caring and knowledgeable people. We all have this monster called MS in common so we consider each other as family. Glad to have you and god bless.


  • Thank you much. Jordan

  • Welcome Jordan. Happy you have found this family too!.

  • thank you again. Jordan.

  • Hello, Jordan111. Welcome to this site. You can share anything you want, anonymously, about your MS--this is where we get together and learn. You never have to feel alone because we come from all walks of life, are of every conceivable color and religion, including those who do not identify with any religion, and everywhere in the world, so if you are having trouble in the middle of the night your time, there is almost certainly someone who will be on-line with whom you can chat. Welcome. I ditto Tutu--I am sure that having lived with the disease for a long time, you do have plenty of experience and information to share. Welcome, even under these circumstances.

  • Thank you Jordan

  • Jordan1111, thank God for great family and friends who are and remain supportive! They are truly jewels! I'm so glad that you have your gems in your life.

  • Jewels and gems? Reading your beautifully-written and descriptive reply brings so much pleasure to this word-loving writer at heart, greaterexp. I've lost that ability (hopefully MS will grant me a cognitive reprieve one day and it's only temporary), but I do treasure that gift in others. Thank you for blessing me through your words meant for Jordan1111. 💞

  • Tutu, oh, darling girl! You haven't lost your eloquence! Your words are all the more meaningful and richer for your experiences. MS can never take that away from you.

  • I'm not sure about that, greaterexp. 😉 I KNOW the deficits I deal with and how frustrated I get grasping for words here and in emails. But it could always be worse, right?

    Thanks, my dear encouraging friend! 💝

  • Tutu, forgive me if I seemed to minimize the frustrations. I know how I struggle with finding a word over and over every day. It drives me crazy. But I do marvel at how you express yourself so beautifully in spite of the difficulties.

  • No apology or forgiveness required, sweet friend. Thank you 😘

  • enjoy.thanks. Jordan

  • Welcome, Jordan1111!

  • Thank you. Jordan

  • Jordan1111, it's Fancy1959 I am glad you have found us. This chat room is a safe place the list some of the kindest and most considerate people I've ever met. You can come and ask questions, voice concerns, or simply speak to some people who truly understand what you are truly going through. It's a large burden that we all carry and sometimes the outside world just can't handle it or thinks if they ignore it it will go away. You are indeed fortunate to have your daughter and son who are your real and most true family. Feel free to ask questions and remember we learn more from each other than you can ever imagine. Until we speak again take care and know you are now bottle part of this extended family. Together we are stronger!

  • Welcome Jordan1111. I'm happy you found our group. It has really helped me to realize I am not alone in my struggle with MS.

  • @jordan1111

    Welcome! 👋🏼

    What more can I add?! We look forward to your being a part of our many conversations (which we call "posts"). Jump in whenever you feel inclined to. MS has many challenges, as you know, and also offers pearls of insight into life sometimes. We like to look at both here! 😊

    Bless you.


  • Thanks.Jordan

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