Great news amazing blessings!

Have some awesome news! My federal disability has paid out! We received a payment with back pay this week. Bad news is my company will take all of it away. But that was to be expected, It is because, well long story. That is just how it works. I still get company disability through August with benefits. I called yesterday about all of that and was surprised that on top of my short term that runs out in August, I get extended disability! I drop down to 60% from 70% pay and keep my benefits for another 13 weeks! This is turning out to be the best $4.00 a pay period I ever spent.

I was approved within 60 days of applying for Federal Social Security because of the law firm I don't have to pay for. First time around approval is very rare! So when the company benefits run out, I will be receiving Federal. The good news also is, that since now my insurance runs almost through the end of the year, It gives Kate more time to find a good paying job with benefits, and it will be a shortened wait for Medicare!!!!!!

So, this has been a great week! On top of the financial news. The steroids are starting to help some of my symptoms! Mental symptoms and muscle spasms. Praying that it lasts and helps with some more too!

On top of the above. Our first floor renovation is FINALLY done and over and paid for. Thanks to my family and friends that managed to raise all the money for us so we would not have to go into debt to pay for it!

I truly tell you God is good everyday, and everyday God is good!

Thanks to all of you and all your support, love and prayers!

Thank you,


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  • Aww rlh1974 hugs Rob! So glad things are looking up for you!😁 That is always a Blessing😇

    J 🌠

  • That is great news way to start the weekend

  • So glad to hear such wonderful news Rob. Yes the Lord is good, keep on keeping on brother. Thoughts and prayers


  • I am so glad for you it sounds like everything fell in the right place.

    I am having issues with my LTD I do need to find a lawyer because this company is not going to give it up if I do it on my own.

    Any thoughts on where I start to find a lawyer??

  • I am PMing you

  • @rlh1974


  • Yay for all good things!

  • Thanks for the update, rlh1974. It's always great to hear how things turned out--especially when the news is as great as yours!! Lots of praises and things to be thankful for. 💕

  • Such wonderful news on all fronts! So very pleased for you. Amen and amen.

  • Rob, it's wonderful to hear your good news! Thanks for letting us know.

  • greaterexp I wanted to share positive instead of negative.

    Love all the support!

  • rlh1974 wow, God is good 😊. All good things comes to he that waits. I think sometimes we all need to be abit more patient, but patience is something I never pray for. Good news all round, so thankful for you, blessings Jimeka. I have told you, prayers go up, blessings come down, 🌈 🦋 🙏 🍫 🤗

  • Congrats the whole way around! Who would have thought that a week beginning with solumedrol could end on such a high note! You're obviously a good planner/well organized too! God is 😊 good!!! Thanks for sharing and giving others hope.

  • Juleigh, I wish it was planning! But thank you!!!

  • Great news! I too get long term disability from my previous employer and a SS disability check.

    Good luck!

  • SlmHarris That is great news for you too! So happy for you as well! Thanks for the encouragement!


  • rlh1974 I am SO happy for you! So many blessings. Enjoy this happy moment and many more to come😜. Kelly hugs

  • Congrats on all counts my friend. I remember the day my disability was approved and the check arrived. It was great day. So very hapoy for you. Yes God is good. He will bless those that bless him. I wish had got some steroids before this move for real. Lol.

  • I will say. Other than kicking up my anxiety and ADHD. The steroids are starting to work a little. I don't feel awful today! Just a anxious and hard to concentrate.

    Thanks for the encouragement!


  • Yahhhhhhhh we love great news!

  • Thanks Jackie!!!! Positive feedback means more than you know!

    Love you all!


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