Real Update This time

Ok, I remembered. maybe..........

I was approved yesterday for federal Disability. No hearing, No appointments, nothing. Seems when you have a law firm they don't screw around. I was amazed. The bad thing (amongst many like 1/6 my pay and no healthcare for 24 months) The federal government in its infinite wisdom has deemed me unable to handle my own finances. Hilarious, because none of the Drs have ever met me. What ever. My wife can't go very far on what they are paying if she wants to take off with it. She might get to Indiana. But not much further. So we will need to find a way to get health care until I qualify for Medicare part A and B In 24 months. Actually less, because they go back to either the day you became disabled or the day you filed for disability. That will make it a little shorter.

Anyway, my loves. That is the real update.

Have an amazing night, Or day Susan! and anyone else in the UK.


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  • God will provide, have faith, blessings Jimeka 🌈 🦋 🙏

  • I am so happy for you that you got approved! Glad your wife can't get too far. Lol. Hugs, Kelly 💕

  • Amore55 Me too! I really love her! But I wouldn't blame her! Bwuhahahahahahahahahaha!

  • rih1974 Congratulations...this rings a little hollow, I know. But getting the disability acknowledged AND approved is an accomplishment. A MS disability counselor spoke to a group of us in a workshop and made it clear that the benefits application process is designed to be difficult as well as allow as few as possible to gain lifetime benefits. Though I am deeply sorry that you need the assistance from disability income, at least your struggles and persistence were validated.

  • goatgal So very true. If I were to try and apply on my own............ The questions are repeated over and over again. Looking for you to make a mistake. So rough. I was blessed with great disability benefits from my employer. They take all of it and transfer my answers from one questionnaire to another. They also break it down so they are easier to answer. I would get the SSDI in the mail. My wife and I couldn't figure out what they wanted. I would call my legal company and they would send me their questionnaire and that was so easy!!!!! An amazing blessing. I hate to brag about this because I know some like Karen have to go it alone. I am just excited and I know that you all actually care for me. That is why I call you all my LOVELIES! ;)

  • got so much more help from your legal company than I did! I thought I was going to lose what's left of my mind trying to fill out the darn questionaire! Its so stressful because you know that everything hinges on that plus your medical records.

  • Its awesome that you were approved at first application. What a blessing. Prayer does work. Im sorry the pay is almost unlivable. Your wife is an amazing person, she won't run. 🤔

  • Karen-x Oh I know, I like to joke. You and I have talked about it before. Thanks for thinking of me and praying! Prayer goes along way. Especially if you have faith it will. As I know you know!


  • rlh1974 Congrats on getting approval! I'm still waiting to hear. They told me that it could take up to 120 days. They have one more month left. I also have an attorney referred through the long term disability administrators. I was required to file for SSDI as part of the agreement between my employer and the LTD people.

  • Raingrrl

    Sounds exactly like what I had to do between my former employer (County Government) and LTD 4-5 years ago. LTD told me I met my cap with them so I finally hired a lawyer on my own about a year (or more) ago. The lawyers I hired worked so quickly and helped me fill out the SSD paperwork.

    Wishing you luck!


    P.S. Don't forget to contact Medicare regarding MSP and your Part B premium/payment.

  • In 24 months I will automatically get part A and B

  • rlh1974

    I'm so happy you were finally approved for disability! YAY! HOORAY!

    Make sure you contact Medicare (CMS-Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) about the Medicare Savings Program (MSP)!

    I used to help so many seniors get their MSP then I finally remembered about it for me. Now I have my Medicare Part B paid for thankfully!

    Oh yeah Social Security has 3 months to reimburse people for the Part B payments deducted from their Social Security Disability. Social Security has to make sure the person is financially qualified and has the MSP, then if/when they find out the person is qualified, they will send live checks directly to the person for the first 3 Part B monthly payments. I was told it could come in a lump sum, but I've received 2 of 3 checks and not a lump sum. (I know I'll get the third and last live check from them and then Part B premiums won't be deducted from my Social Security).

    Not sure if your state has the same rules New York does, but calling Medicare is still helpful. They were very helpful to me.


  • I'm in Illinois. We have no budget. Haven't for three years. The state has until 12 tonight to pass it. They won't. So all payments for everything stops. Schools won't open in the fall. Immunizations wont be paid for. It's a total mess!

  • Grrrr these people don't realize (or should I say don't care) what they're doing. Hoping all goes well for you regardless of the state.

  • jennie62 You so are so correct. Politicians are morons. They all forget where they come from and for whom they work. Both sides! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Best part is I make to much money for the Affordable care act to be affordable. Also, I make too much money to get state medicaid. Because I have mad disability from work this year. Also, They go on last years taxes. Meaning. This year I get no affordable healthcare, and next year I get no affordable healthcare! This means, my wife has to Gove up a ok paying job, to go get a crappy paying job to have healthcare. None of this makes sense to me!!!!!!!!!!

    Good Morning !


  • Oh do I remember what you're saying. When we really need the money and healthcare to care for ourselves is when THEY say we get too much. I had to give up great healthcare for the same reason. Made me so mad when I was told because I made $3.00 too much it's believed I'm getting too much SSD to receive the MSP. I made a few calls and must be I spoke to the right person; if only I could remember who I spoke to and which organization. Whoever it was I spoke to now I can get the MSP. ??? One week is one response the next week is another.

    I'm hoping you and you wife get the healthcare you need!

    Good Evening!

    I'm not Bela Lugosi...just a good vocal imitation-lol


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