R u kidding me!!!

So I was ready to walk out the door for work this morning when my son told me that my car was hit. My house is a corner house and I have a big yard where my car was parked in my driveway, so I didn't see how my car got hit unless they went through my driveway to get to the other side of the street. Which to me wouldn't make sense. Needless to say when I went out side I descovered that some one stole my passerager side mirror off my car. I called the police and found out that the same thing happened to four more cars down the street. Now I have to replace the mirror and get a security camera, great money I don't have and now have to put out to protect my family and property.

Anyway seen my Nero on Monday and they told me that I need to try to control my stress because I was having bad symptoms and The heat wasn't helping. Been up in the high 80's, mid 90's. So tell me please how do you control stress of news of your property being damage and working with 20plus 3,4,&5 yr old at a summer camp. 😱 Today felt like 105 with temp of 98. Just wanted to vent. Thanx for reading.

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  • Yikes! Where do you live and is working at summer camp your job or a volunteer position? If you've already shared this, I apologize, I've forgotten. 😬 I'm really sorry about the vandalism. Do you have a garage you can park your car in? I know, you shouldn't have to do that, but it's a shame we have to go to that extent to protect our property these days. Please take care with the heat. Does your employer or people you volunteer for know you have MS? If so, I hope they are understanding and can make some concessions for you...💕

  • Tutu we had to move our cars into the garage each nite too!

  • 😕Sad...

  • Only wish I had a garage, it would have been in there if I had one. Help keep it clean longer too. Lol

  • Thank you for ur concern. No I don't have a garage. I live in NJ but the area is nice and quite everyone minds the own business and is respectful of each other. I think it may be some older teens doing it.

    My job do know and they are understanding and checks on me often. Unfortunately it is a summer job, that I had to get. During the school year I will be a family worker of preschooler. I use to be in the classroom but my boss thought I may like the position since it was open and it has down time for me to get some rest from the children. I'm thankful for that. It was getting tough for me dealing with the classroom and children, observations, and all the rest of the stuff that goes along in the classroom.

  • LissaH its often spoiled kids doing vandalism in our neighborhood too 🙁

    Granted, we used to play ring and run or toilet paper a house but no other property damage 😬

    I feel violated when they even throw their 6 packs in our garbage can--which of course is better than littering 😐

  • I'm sorry about your car...very disappointing tinhave to take care of something like that, especially when these kids will probably continue to do what they can get away with.

    Working with kids would wear me out...and in the heat? 😱But it's a blessing to have your coworkers/employer be considerate of your health.

  • LissaH, I'm sorry for the extra stress. It is a shame you have a need for security cameras, but I do hope that having them will reduce your stress level.

  • Thank you I sure hope so too.

  • Breathe!

    Here are 2 helpful techniques

    Dr Weils 4-7-8 drweil.com/videos-features/...

    Alternate nostril artofliving.org/us-en/yoga/...

    I get stressed from far less than a car vandalism.

    I paint, meditate, pet my kittens, yoga...but remembering to breathe helps me the most.

    Stress is deadly 😬

  • erash OH, I forgot about the kittens. How are they doing?

  • Iona60 theyre a bundle of joy! I'll post a recent photo🐱🐱

  • Thank you. It's not so bad being at work with the children. They seem to know when u need that hug, smile, and the "I love you Ms. Lissa". It makes it worth going to work each day. I have learned over the yrs before I found out about MS how to control my stress levels but sometimes it gets the best of you.

  • Those hugs and love can make a bad day seem better. I'm happy you love what you do. I know those kids are too. 💕

  • I do and thank you so much.

  • I am sorry you are dealing with stress it's tough. And the heat is the worst at least for me. I keep a cooling scarf in my frig for the heat which I use a lot. Especially when I have to go in the garage to wash clothes. I have learned to take 3 deep breaths when I feel stress. My grandkids were here last week and all I did was deep breaths!

  • That really stinks that happened to you on your own property that happened to my sons girl friend Car what got me and what I can't believe on hers that just to the

    Mirror which ment they really knew what they were doing.

    Good luck.

  • That's the same with mines. It was just the mirror nothing else. I don't get it.

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