He likes green; she likes purple

He likes green; she likes purple

This is a quilt I made for family members. I asked what pattern they would like, and they answered that he likes green, but she likes purple, and they both like modern patterns. Oh, dear! This is what I came up with. I was so relieved that they liked it.

We all fight symptoms every day to do the things we enjoy. You all encourage me to keep persevering! Thank you!

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  • I want it, it would go in my bedroom perfectly. You are so talented Erin. Only one thing missing 🦋 🦋 Blessings Jimeka 🌈

  • Butterflies?

  • Of course x

  • It's beautiful!💕

  • Wow! You are very talented greaterexp!

  • it's beautiful. A really amazing combination of colors. I would love to have it.

  • Absolutely stunning!! Amazing skill you've been blessed with!!

  • greaterexp


  • Absolutely gorgeous! Wish I could do that! I love quilts.

  • That's beautiful, greaterexp. I wish I'd known you prior to MS and my cognitive issues. I would have loved to have had you teach me how to create such beautiful quilts. You are blessed with talent! 💕

  • I wish we could all get together for a quilting bee! What larks!

  • greaterexp

    Wow!!! 👍👍👍

  • greaterexp the quilt is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen! We lived in Lancaster, PA for 12 years where everyone quilts it seems like and yours is more beautiful than any I remember there. Kelly

  • ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! That's the exact same color combination in my family too. My daughter has always loved purple since she was 6 years old, and her boyfriend loves green. Maybe it's a sign they are right for each other?! lol

  • Beautiful! You're an artist. Happy to hear you continue something you so enjoy. :)

  • greaterexp BEAUTIFUL!!! Green is my second favorite color (after red) and green is my husband's favorite. Love it.

  • Hi greaterexp, this is absolutely beautiful! What an awesome job! My Grandmother made me a beautiful quilt when I went to college. It was so sentimental to me and someone stole it. She made one for my daughter when she was little and at 19 she still will not let anyone use it. OMG! I love it! My daughter would also! She loves the color purple! Awesome job!

  • lexsarset, how sad your heirloom quilt was stolen. It is so neat that your daughter has one made by her grandmother. What a treasure!

  • Wow you are so talented! I am starting to learn to knit a hat and if it is half as beautiful as your quilt I will post it. I can knit one row at a time but my fingers get tired.

  • BigMar7, I'm in awe of knitters. My grandmother made up patterns as she went along and made such gorgeous sweaters. I made one sweater that I would never wear in public!

    I hope your hands allow you to keep knitting. It's a joy to create something, especially when it's both useful and beautiful. Do post a picture of your finished hat!

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