Crp and folate ?

Good morning everyone 🌞Still waiting for diagnosis but got a call from gp yesterday , asking me to come in for bp check and ra meds check so i asked who adked for this as still waiting ? She didnt know so i adked bout my nlood test results seems my b12 and vit d are ok but my crp is 6 and ive low folate whatever that is ? These results are while im taking 5 mg of prednisolone daily for ladt 3 months , no news on xray she couldnt get them up on her screen so will have to wait for rheumy appt in august , still getting severe neck pain lower back pain muscle spasms neck going into my jaw at times which is weird numb arm and hand and knee pain that made me weepy last night ... anyway the sun is shining hope all is well with you all xx

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  • Forgive my spelling blurry eyed this morning 😜X

  • Good morning. I understand your feelings and I stand with you. Stay strong and positive.

  • Thanku xx

  • blondie120 Folate is a B vitamin found in dark leafy vegetables, beans and citrus fruits. It's chemical sister is folic acid, in prenatal vitamins, so you may recognize it as something marketed to help prevent spina bifida in babies. Any lack of B vitamins in your diet can make you feel like crap. Low folate can cause numbness and parathesisas, which is why neurologists check this routinely.

  • Oh i see that makes sense ive had numbness for a long time just today my face kinda seized on left side it hurt at first then became numb i feel like a freak , i almost fainted10 mins before this , makes no sense to me ? Thanks for info xx

  • blondie120 You're welcome! The face thing sounds terrible! What did your MD say about all that?

  • Id have to go a+e can only get doc appt by ringing first thing in morning plus i have many odd episodes like this they know bout my numbness so it wudnt be news to doc , all i can really do is wait and hope xx

  • Not to add another thing but I do hope that they have done ekgs etc for the heart.It is difficult for determining illness when you have one label or wishes.jj

  • I sure hope you get some answers soon. It's so difficult while we wait. Hang in there and please let us know what you find out. We all care.

  • blondie120

    CRP is an inflammatory marker that can indicate a nonspecific inflammation in the body. It usually rises in the immediate reaction to some type of insult whether that be arthritis or infection

    Did they check your homocysteine level ?

  • I dont think so , what is that test for ? X

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