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Numb and Number


Last Tuesday (July 10) and almost every night since, I woke up in the wee hours of the morning with excruciating pain in my right hand, along with numbness of said hand. Called the Neuro, she gave me a prescription for Gabapentin, 300 mg, to be taken when I go to sleep. It’s not helping, so I’m told to double the dosage. If that doesn’t help, it’s time (she said) for an MRI of my neck. This Thursday, the left hand joined in with numbness, and this morning it was with the pain. Before we hung up the phone, I asked, “Is this the MS progressing?” She answered, “It can be.”

On the radio just now, John Denver sang, “Life ain’t nothing but a funny, funny riddle.” I second that motion.

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Thank you, Lois52, for the reply. I’m sorry to hear about your feet and legs. I’m going to look up your bacloven as soon as I finish typing this. Wearing braces on both hands, that sounds genius! Next time my husband goes to the drug store, I’ll have him pick them up, I’m certainly willing to give them a try. Thanks again!

I am so very sorry that you are dealing with this. Pain is so difficult to live with. Lately my toes hurt so bad at night they make me crazy. I bought a fabulous product called Deep Blue by a company called doTerra. I rub it on my toe sues and put on super tight compression on just my feet, not my legs. It really helps. Maybe something like that could help you? I just make sure I put on a glove to apply it because it is strong. Hope you find relief. Love, Kelly

I had numbness and pain at night in hands. Rt hand swollen and pain shoulder /elbow. Doc looks at mri, no physical exam tells me I have Ms. (Duh). He never touched me or looked at my hand.

Kept me up so much at night told my GP he said also degenerative disease stenosis etc. After 3 wks pt and home ex er rcise, not gone but not waking me up at night

My diagnosis a storm of several factors. We are not just one disease or one body part. We are integral ,whole and so wonderfully and equisitely made. They can't always figure it out, but it may help if they looked at the whole person.Hope you get some help


Thank you very much for sharing, Bonnie. I’ll get right on that exercise, but pt does nothing for me.

Change your post to hips and legs and that's me. I see a back doctor Monday (the cortisone shot in the bursa in my hip didn't work). I am praying it IS a back problem and not an MS issue. It will be easier to fix if it is! Pain in both hips now and lower back and numbness in my legs. Grrrr. Hate getting older!

MrsMike, I bet your prayers will be answered and that it IS a back problem and not an MS problem. You said you got a cortisone shot in the bursa in your hip. I always get Lidocaine shots in my lower back at my “trigger points” (that’s what the physician’s assistant calls them). Be sure to let us know after your appointment on Monday. And best of luck to you!

Comfortably_Numb, I hate this for ya cause I go through Spasticity in my hands at times. As a matter of fact I have been dealing with it over the past week or so off and on. I had one spasm in my wrist just below my hand the other day that was small and very painful. It actually ended up bruising slightly so there were some blood vessels broken due to it. It wasn't to awful bad a bruise cause it cleared up in a couple days but still no fun at all. I saw a post by MaggieT1 about a new version of an extended release Baclofen that's fixin to hit the market. I was on the regular baclofen for several years before it became inefective for me after reading her post about her trial experience I'm hoping that maybe it will be worth a shot, not sure will have to talk to my Neuro once it hits the market. I hope you get relief soon!

Thoughts and prayers,


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I'm going to be the first in line when it's approved for the market. I cannot wait!!

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