I have been longing to get in a pool! Finally!

I have been longing to get in a pool! Finally!

Hello everyone! It will be 3 yrs on July 24th that I received my diagnosis. As a former athlete, one of the things I miss the most is athletic competition. I have been wanting to get in the water forever to see if I could at least, still swim. Well, I found out, I can swim a few laps across the pool (width length). My daughter, Sarah, was so proud of me! Can't you tell. (lol) My three children (2 out of 3 college athletes) push me to stay active as much as possible. Sarah's twin Seth passed up playing college football to stay and help me since my husband works 1 month out, 1 month in. He brings me to therapy and makes me exercise when I am not so fatigued. I felt so good and less rigid. However, tomorrow will be the true test! If I am good, I will start taking PT in the pool! The temp here is already in the 90's and the 1st official day of summer isn't here yet! It will be a long, hot summer so I will be hibernating. My husband and daughter were hesitant about me getting in the h2o. I told them I was getting in. After all, it's not the deep end. I felt like I accomplished something big because this was huge to me. I thank God for giving me the strength to persevere and endure. Now, I am ready to begin the Live Disease Free Diet with health coaches. Has anyone heard or tried it? My coaches have MS and have been symptom free for some yrs now. I have nothing to lose but the extra wt I have put on. It is a ketogenic diet with no carbs. They also instruct you on a lot of other things. Swimming gave me the motivation I needed to begin. I had been feeling agitated with my insurance issues and unable to focus on the things I needed 2 do to prepare for a nutrition lifestyle change. Now, i am ready 2 begin the journey!!!


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  • Hey lexsarset ! I am not sure if we have met before but welcome to the group! My name is Lynn.

    You may be sore and tired tomorrow but that won't hurt your MS, from what I understand. It may make some already existing symptoms flair up a bit (if you get over heated or to stressed) but not do more damage. You can lay around and be miserable or get out and do the stuff you did before MS (if it is physically possible), you will feel better in the long run because you are doing what you like.

    Just be careful and listen to your body.

    Glad you got back in the water!

    You have a very beautiful daughter.

  • Hi Lynn, Thanks for the advice. I have always been competitive since I was in grade school. However, MS will remind me that the competitive days are gone. My family and friends always have concerns when I do things because they figure I do too much and I forget that I will pay for it the next few days! Thanks Lynn!

  • I am excited for you, lexsarset! Years ago, I attended a water aerobics class with a few others who had MS. Those who couldn't walk on land 'walked on water'! You may have a few sore muscles, but I treasure those aches and pains because they tell me my muscles are still working!

    Is that an indoor pool? My only concern would be the heat/humidity in there. We have an indoor pool near us, but I can't be in that room for more than a few minutes.

    It sounds like you have a very loving and supportive family-and as Morllyn said, a beautiful daughter. Good luck with the diet, too! 💕

  • Thank you Tutu! I feel great this morning I am walking better. Some of the soreness is from the muscles I have not utilized in a while. They are not really sore but I can not think of the word I would like 2 use. My husband had a conference for work so my daughter and I came along to get away. The pool is outdoor which is why I waited until 8:30 pm to get in it. However, the pool at the PT facility is indoors! Thank you for your advice, concerns and well wishes! I appreciate it. Support is a crucial part when dealing with chronic diseases! My heart aches 4 those who do not have it. The way my children are supporting me is a feeling I can not describe. My eldest accepted a job that is 1hr and 30 minutes away instead of another state because he told me he needed 2 be close enough 2 be here 4 me. I was overwhelmed with emotions! My daughter decided 2 join me with the diet. So glad! She is tough. We start meal planning today. Her twin brother said he will grill our meats but that's about it. No carbs, no milk or dairy products, no thanks! Blessings!

  • You are so blessed!!💕

  • Well done you. I bet you felt good after it. Enjoy, Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈 🏊‍♀️

  • Aww Jmeka! I felt so good. It was like I accomplished something major! I think I found the rt exercise. Thank you! Have a great day! Blessings!

  • lexsarset, you have a beautiful family -- in all ways! What a blessing!

    You've encouraged me to try getting into a water aerobics class at a pool just by looking at your sunny smile! I can't swim, but that isn't necessary for the class. There is an indoor pool about 15 miles away or my sister's outdoor pool 15 miles the other way. It could be worth the drive!

    Please let us know how you do on your diet, but do be careful. That's a fairly extreme diet, so I think I'd mention it to my doctor to make sure your body can handle it.

    Enjoy your swims!

  • Hello greaterexp, Thank you for your kind words! I am excited about you getting into a water aerobics class! That is awesome news! Keep me informed. Thanks for your concern. My degree is in Dietetics and I also completed my professional internship in that field. I have worked in various roles in the field of Nutrition since 1988 with the exception of three yrs. My knowledge in the field is what attracted me to the program as well as all the coaches having MS but have been symptom free for many years. Many of them had drop foot and no longer have it. That was my biggest attraction. Willpower and commitment is my concern. Pray for me. My daughter has decided to join me and she is a tough cookie. I did mention it to my Dr and we discussed it thoroughly. Thanks for your advice. I will keep you inform.

    Blessings and Hugs!

  • I hope I wasn't insulting in my suggestion! Wow! You have a wonderful background to help you in your choices. If you get tired of your daughter, send her here. I have a marvelous and supportive daughter, but she's in Illinois😩 You and your daughter will be a great team! I am more compliant when I have someone staring me in the eye who won't listen to my excuses.

  • Insulting greaterexp? Not at all. Maybe, Ii worded it wrong. This is when I blame my MS! LoL. I was trying 2 explain the reasons that lead 2 my decision to utilize the diet. I apologize! I need an accountability partner believe me!

  • lexsarset Congrats on your return to health!! I'm so excited for you to be back in the pool 😍 I have not heard of this specific company and their keto diet, but I know a lot about the basic keto (Johns Hopkins still uses it in kids to stop seizures), which my husband asked me to put him on today to help him shed a few. GL!

  • Thank you kdali!

  • Best of luck with the live disease free! lexsarset

    And yay! To the athlete in all of us! 🏊🏼

  • Thank you erash! I needed that. I have had so many negative responses outside my MS community, so I am no longer sharing the news! I will just show them.

  • Lexsarset, it's Fancy1959. I totally understand your mindset as I too was an athlete prior to this monster attacking me. I played competitive volleyball for years, I rode horses constantly, backpacked, and hiked all over! My main goal is to get back to horseback riding and this past weekend I was able to ride one of our walking horses for several hours. It was fantastic and a real game changer for me. I now have a goal to continue to increase riding so I once again have something to work for and to fight this monster for! Congratulations getting back in the pool and swimming. Keep up the Fantastic work! Take care and keep us apprised. We're glad you're part of our extended family and remember together we are stronger!

  • Wow Fancy1959! That is great news! There is a farm nearby that specializes in assisting folks with challenges to ride horses. That is my next goal. You have encouraged me to continue! Thank you so much!

  • So great to hear your story so far, lexsarset ! Glad to see that swimming gave you the motivation to move forward. We here at MSAA think that aquatic exercise is a great way to be healthy when you have MS.

    Here are a couple of links that might also be helpful:

    * our online Aquatic Center with some great resources like how-to videos and free downloadable guides - go to aquatics.mymsaa.org

    * "Meet Simone – Swimming and MS" an inspirational video about how Simone discovered getting back in the pool helped her MS (a story similar to yours!) and how she decided to use it to support the MS community - go here: mymsaa.org/videos/simone-sw...

    * If your daughter Sarah or others wish to join Swim for MS to help other people with MS like yourself across the country, they can learn all about it here: SwimForMS.org

    Welcome back to the pool and to our online Community! Hugs back!

    - John, MSAA

  • Thanks JohnMSAA, Much appreciated. I will pass on to all three of my kids since all are awesome swimmers.

  • Hi Sonya, I'm keeping you in my prayers. Sorry, new to navigating site took long for response. Ms is challenging and sure you understand. I feel inspired to swim again after your joy swimming.

    Appreciate Patience,


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