Memorial weekend

Memorial weekend

What a wonderful weekend! I was able to stay up and active 4 days in a row! A friend and I drove over Donner Summit and saw deep snow ❄️ on the higher mtns. We went to Greenville, CA. My friend was riding a 100 mile bicycle ride. I was able to drive about 160 miles on the way up and drove as a support driver 125 miles on Saturday. It was so beautiful there. I love the pic of 7 little bucks with their first little horns. They were just lounging along side the country road. Yesterday, I was able to drive again as a support driver for my group 50 miles! That is more than I have driven since last July when I went numb. So excited and encouraged. Thank you UCSF for my care, Gabapentin and Modafinil!


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  • Sounds like a great trip. Hope you're able to have many more.

  • I am rejoicing with you, CalfeeChick! What a great trip. Love your pics. But most of all, I'm thrilled you did it and are encouraged by what you accomplished. That reminds me of something I heard Sunday morning: Turn your disabilities into Possibilities. You did!! 🚴👏💞

  • Love that quote!! and you too! Tutu

  • CalfeeChick im so very thrilled for you. I know how much you have probably missed being part of this👍👍👍🌈

  • Sounds like a fun day CalfeeChick! I went to college in Sacramento and used to go to Lake Tahoe on the weekends over Donner Pass. That was a lifetime ago!

  • I was born and raised not to far from Truckee. Always a mountain girl at heart ❤️ I married a city boy so any time I get to return to my mountains is almost spiritual for me 😊

  • Lovely pics and didn't you do well ! Unfortunately my brain insisted that you 'drove over Donna Summer ( I feel love... ) first time I read it ! Here's to many more adventures : ) x

  • CalfeeChick it's amazing what you can accomplish!!! Be proud of yourself! You did it!😁💕

    Love the pictures!

    J 🌠

  • CalfeeChick, that is thrilling news! I'm so happy for you to have had that terrific achievement and to have enjoyed something beautiful.

  • @CalfeeChick, Fun time! You are living proof that there is a life after a DX with MS!

  • CalfeeChick what beautiful pictures and an uplifting message! It is so wonderful to hear of people having wonderful days! And speaking of the CA mts., our older son works for the National Forest Service in Macdoel CA, so your pictures and responses made me think of him. He loves it there and so we do not expect to see him back here in Maine except for an occasional visit.

  • Maine is beautiful also. I watch a reality show on Discovery channel about the Maine Rangers. Being born in our beautiful mountains I'm partial to them. Hope you get to see your boy often. This was my first big adventure of staying up, driving a car, dealing with the unexpected and coming through exhilarated! In July, I will be going as a support person for my bicycling group for a charity ride down the coast of California. Camping! for 5 nights.. I have allot more confidence now.

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