Still waiting

Still waiting

Hello everyone,

I have not posted for a while but have been reading many of your posts. I have been stressed with not knowing what the next step will be in dealing with this thorn in my flesh. I am still waiting for my insurance to approve Ocrevus. I have not had any txt since November. However, I am on natural herbs, taking PT and getting stronger everyday. I will have to wait for my next MRI to determine if my regiment is working. I live in Louisiana and it was 90 degrees today!!! Summer is not officially here and it is already hot!! After finishing PT, I gladly stay indoors. Last week I did not mind traveling to New Orleans to witness my eldest son's graduation from dental school! The two days of being fatigued was worth every minute! I hope everyone is tolerating their DMT'S.



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  • So glad you could go to your sons graduation!! Now rest, rest, rest! Hope you're on a DMT soon.

  • Thanks Juleigh.


  • Congratulations to you and your son on his graduation, lexsarset! What an accomplishment! I understand how being there to celebrate him was worth the effort. I'm sorry to hear you aren't on your DMT and will pray you hear soon on the Ocrevus, Sonya. In the meantime, stay cool. I don't know how you survive the heat and humidity in LA. Take care. 💕

  • Thank you Tutu! The heat and humidity is on! I stay indoors as much as possible! LoL

  • Sorry that you are having to wait, that is almost the hardest part. Keep up with your regimen if you are feeling stronger, that can't be bad.

    I know that you are proud of your son!

  • Thank you Morllyn!

  • Wow, your son has done well. A big congratulations to him, and you must be a very proud mum. Hope that you get sorted soon, blessings Jimeka 👨‍🎓👏 🦋 🌈

  • Thanks Jimeka. I am hoping I hear something soon.


  • Lexsaret, it's Fancy1959. First let me congratulate you on your son finishing Dental School. Anything in the medical profession is no easy things to get a degree in. You must be very proud. I go on Medicare on June 1st then I am waiting till Medicare kicks in to find out what coverage I will have for Ocrevus. My doctor is pushing to get me on it as I'm having issues with my Tysabri infusion and it is time I get off of it since I've been on it well over two years and I am JC virus positive. Now it's time to rest up and take care of yourself. Keep us informed of your insurance issues and if and when you get on Ocrevus.

  • Thank you Fancy. Hoping all goes well for you as well.

    Blessings to you.

  • lexsarset, wow! You must be so thrilled for your son! That's quite an accomplishment!

    I'll keep praying for your treatment to be be a great success and well worth the wait.

  • Thank you greaterexp! I am thrilled! I cried during the ceremony. I have called the Doctor's office and sent e-mails. I am trying to hold my peace. LoL I am about 2 have my son call. They respond to him. So sad!

  • Let us know when you get to actually start.

  • I hope soon greaterexp!!! I need my boost with this hot and humid weather. In the 90's already!!!!

  • Congratulations on your sons achievement lexsarset 🎉

  • Thank you erash!

  • Hi lexsarset! Congrats to you and your son on his graduation from Dental School! That is awesome!

    I couldn't deal with the hot humid weather of the south. I'm a total heat wimp! I don't know how you do it. I hope you get approved for a DMT soon. The tricky part about M.S. is that you can be in a remission as a normal part of the disease and think its related to whatever treatment you are doing at the time. Hopefully your next MRI shows nothing new.

  • Hi Raingrrl, I do not deal well with the heat nor humidity! I live in my house and only go out when I have therapy or blood work, Dr's visit or MRI. My Aunt share your concern. On top of all that, I began the menopause process. I thought a lot of my new symptoms were connected to my MS. My OBGYN of 26 yrs reminded me of my age! LoL! I am ok because it is time! 41 yrs is torture.

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